Zak Sabbath

Zak Sabbath
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Trademark Moves:
Vile Driver, Shining Wizard, Western Lariat
In Ring Achievements:
Snakepit Tag Team Championship, Snakepit Heavyweight Championship (5x), ACW Heavyweight Championship, RCW Tag Team Championship, RCW Heavyweight Championship (SA) (Australia)
PWDU Top 50:
Home Promotion:
Other Promotions:
Snakepit (SA), WBPW (QLD), VPW (QLD), PWSA (SA), ACW (SA), WSW (Australia)
Short Bio:
Zak Sabbath is from Adelaide, South Australia, Australia.

Zak Sabbath is known as "The Dark Prince".

Zak Sabbath has won many titles here in Australia some highlights are The Snakepit Championship (5x), RCW Heavyweight Championship, ACW Heavyweight Championship.

Zak Sabbath with his runs as The Snakepit Champion had 35 days, 196 days, 56 days, 105 days, 28 days title reigns as The Snakepit Champion (5x).

Zak Sabbath has held the RCW Heavyweight Championship (Riot City Wrestling his home promotion, the same promotion Rhea Ripley came from before joining WWE) 167 days.

Zak Sabbath has held the ACW Heavyweight Championship (Adelaide Championship Wrestling) 273 days.

Zak Sabbath is ranked 25. on the PWDU Top 50 (2022).

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