5' 4" (163 cm)
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Powerhouse, Hardcore
Trained By:
George Julio & Jungle Cat
Trademark Moves:
The Fury Bomb
In Ring Achievements:
NAW Women's Champion (3x), SFW Women's Champion, WWA Women's Champion, Underworld Women's Champion, PPW Women's Champion, BCW Women's Champion, DMDU World Deathmatch Champion (Australia)
PWDU Top 25:
Home Promotion:
Other Promotions:
NAW, SFW, WWA, Underworld Wrestling, PPW, BCW, DMDU (Australia)
Short Bio:
Vixsin is from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Vixsin is trained George Julio & Jungle Cat.

Vixsin goes by nickname "The Hardcore Bitch".

Vixsin is known as a tough wrestler and hardcore icon in Australian Wrestling.

Some notable promotions Vixsin has worked for are New Age Wrestling (Victoria) where she is a NAW Women's Champion (3x) with runs of 189 days, 203 days, 448 days all up as NAW Women's Champion (3x) 840 days.

Underworld Wrestling (Victoria) where she is a Underworld Women's Champion with a run of 205 days.

Battle Championship Wrestling (Victoria) where she is a BCW Women's Champion with a run of 301 days.

Deathmatch Downunder (Victoria) where she is the current undefeated DMDU World Deathmatch Champion.

She is ranked 6. in ‘The Aussie Top 25 Women’ 2022 here on

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