6' 0" (182 cm)
220 lbs (100 kg)
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Trained By:
Rey Misterio Sr. & Shane Fenton
Trademark Moves:
The Detonator, Ozbone Drop, Dynamite Clutch, Dragon Sleeper
In Ring Achievements:
AWF Tag Team Championship (2x), AWF Commonwealth Championship, Australian Heavyweight Championship, AWF Australasian Championship (Australia), GJP Heavyweight Championship (Japan)
Home Promotion:
AWF (Australia)
Other Promotions:
IWA, PCW, WSW, EPW, AAW, HRPW, Nightmare Wrestling, ICW, NHPW, MCW, NAW, UPW, HVW, CCW, RCW, BCW, AWR, AWS (Australia), ZERO1, DG, GJP, (Japan), TWF (Thailand), NWA, PWK, AIWF, (USA)
Short Bio:
TNT has trained a lot of Aussie wrestling talent including Jack Bonza, Mick Moretti, Shazza McKenzie, Tama Williams among many others.

TNT started off wrestling in 1994.

TNT helped to found IWA as a wrestler and pro wrestling promoter.

TNT later broke away from IWA and started AWF.

TNT with AWF found great success with his AWF Psycho Slam Tour drawing interest to Australian Wrestling having international stars on the tour such as Sabu, Chris Candido, Marty Jannetty, Super Dragon as well as local talent stand outs like Vulcan (famous for the Gladiators (Australia) TV Show), Jason Helton (Jason Helton came from Canada was trained at The Dungeon has wrestled for ECW, WWF ect. made a name for himself here in Australia) ect.

TNT has promoted many tours since with great success.

TNT also works with SuperNova Comic Con where AWF do wrestling matches at the SuperNova Comic Con Tours.

TNT has also wrestled in places like USA, Mexico and Japan with great success.

TNT trained under Rey Misterio Sr. in Mexico.

TNT wrestled in Japan under his TNT name as well as under the name of Aussie Ozbone (a nod to Australian Heritage).

TNT has also wrestled as Aussie Ozbone in his own promotion AWF.

TNT has held the AWF Tag Team Championship (2x) 1259 days in total.

TNT has held the AWF Commonwealth Championship 644 days.

TNT has held the AWF Australasian Championship (7x) 1582 (+ ?) days in total.

TNT is also the leader of the faction known as Detonation Crew.

The Detonation Crew started in 2009.

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