Ricky Rembrandt

Ricky Rembrandt
5' 10" (178 cm)
165 lbs (75 kg)
Noosa, Queensland, Australia
Technician and Virtuoso
Trained By:
Jimmy Sparx
Trademark Moves:
Code Breaker, Top Rope Elbow Drop
In Ring Achievements:
QCW South QLD Title, PROWL Super Hulk Championship, AWA Tag Team Championship, UPW Paragon Championship, UPW Heavyweight Championship (2x) (Australia)
Home Promotion:
UPW (QLD) (Australia)
Other Promotions:
QCW, QPW, PROWL, VPW, IPW (Australia) (QLD) (Australia)
Short Bio:
Ricky Rembrandt is from Noosa, Queensland, Australia.

Ricky Rembrandt is trained by New Zealand's Jimmy Sparx (who at one time was a blue chipper of the New Zealand based "New Zealand Wide Pro Wrestling" "NZWPW" promotion and a champion there).

Jimmy Sparx started his own company moving from New Zealand to Australia called "Queensland Championship Wrestling" "QCW" on The Sunshine Coast, QLD.

QCW had two chapters one on The Sunshine Coast, QLD the other in Townsville, North Queensland run by New Zealand's Island Boy Si (when Townsville's QCW folded The "Queensland Wrestling Alliance" "QWA" was formed out of it's ashes).

Ricky Rembrandt is a top student of Jimmy Sparx.

Ricky Rembrandt became a blue chipper of QCW.

Ricky Rembrandt became the heart and soul of QCW "Like Tommy Dreamer was in ECW to ECW Owner Paul Heyman" Ricky Rembrandt did a lot to help Jimmy Sparx with QCW.

Ricky Rembrandt is a talented artist in the ring with his great pro wrestling skill as well as artwork drawing pictures, painting, graphics ect. a man of many talents in art quite the creative mind.

Ricky Rembrandt helped with street team work getting the word out about QCW, doing artwork work for merchandise many roles outside of just wrestling with QCW.

Ricky Rembrandt is known as The One True Virtuoso and for good reason.

One of Ricky Rembrandt's top feuds in QCW is "The Good Friend / Bad Friend" feud with Flashman (they have wrestled more chapters of that story in other promotions since QCW like "Venom Pro Wrestling" "VPW" in QLD ect.)

Ricky Rembrandt held the top prize while in QCW "The South Queensland Championship" also known as "The QCW South QLD Title".

Ricky Rembrandt first won the QCW South QLD Title in his hometown of Cooroy in a crowd pleasing moment for QCW pro wrestling fans.

QCW closed down.

Since QCW closed down Ricky Rembrandt has helped "United Pro Wrestling" "UPW" as his new home promotion also wrestling for other local promotions in QLD like IPW (Australia) (The Australian Chapter of New Zealand's IPW), VPW ect.

Also Ricky Rembrandt is a PROWL Super Hulk Champion in Greg Prowse's PROWL promotion when it was running.

As well as that Ricky Rembrandt was part of a super group faction in the "Australian Wrestling Alliance" Grindhouse Wrestling promotion called "Next Level" that have also invaded other promotions like "Venom Pro Wrestling" "VPW" ect.

Ricky Rembrandt has made his work in local pro wrestling priceless artwork.

Ricky Rembrandt sure is The One True Virtuoso of Professional Wrestling.

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