Townsville, Queensland, Australia
Trained By:
Chris Basso & Matt Basso
Trademark Moves:
In Ring Achievements:
RCW Tag Team Championship (2x), RCW Women's Championship, RCW Grand Championship, Australian Women's Championship (Southern Territory Wrestling - the title also has roots in other promotions in the past), MCW Women's Championship (2x), FWA Tag Team Championship (Australia)
PWDU Top 25:
1. (2022, 2023)
Home Promotion:
RCW (SA) (Australia)
Other Promotions:
STW (WA), NHPW (WA), MCW (VIC), FWA (NSW) (Australia)
Short Bio:
Impressive physique and and even more impressive presence.

DELTA is 1. on PWDownunder's Aussie Top 25 Women 2022.

She is 1. on PWDownunder's Top 25 Women Downunder 2023.

She has held the RCW Tag Team Championship (2x) a total of 244 days combined.

The RCW Women's Championship for 49 days from 02.12.2023 - 20.01.2024, the title is currently INACTIVE since 20.01.2024.

She is the current RCW Grand Championship since 20.01.2024.

She is (2x) MCW Women's Champion, her first run was 224 days.

She is in her second run as MCW Women's Champion.

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