Dean Draven

Dean Draven
6' 0" (183 cm)
268 lbs (122 kg)
Penrith, New South Wales, Australia
Trademark Moves:
Diving Headbutt, Panther Plex, Panther Crossface
In Ring Achievements:
TWP Australian Tag Team Championship, TWP Australian Heavyweight Championship (5x), AWF Australasian Champion (2x), UWA Tag Team Champion, AWF Tag Team Champion, Australian Heavyweight Champion (now the AIWF International Championship), AWF Commonwealth Champion, ASWA Tag Team Champion, WSD Heavyweight Championship (4x), WSD Tag Team Champion, WSD Fighters Champion, RRW Tag Team Championship (Australia)
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Short Bio:
Dean Draven is from Penrith, New South Wales, Australia.

Dean Draven debuted in 1996.

He goes by the nickname "The Pantherine".

Some notable promotions he has worked for are the Australasian Wrestling Federation (now Australian Wrestling Federation) in Shalvey, New South Wales, Australia, All-Star Wrestling Australia in Padstow, New South Wales, Australia and Wrestle Strong Dojo (WSD) in New South Wales, Australia.

He has also worked with Brian Cannon at Ryukyu Dragon Pro Wrestling (RDPW) in Japan.

Some notable titles Dean Draven has held are the AWF Australasian Championship (2x) for runs of 252 days, 994 days.

The AWF Commonwealth Championship for a run of 350 days.

The AWF Tag Team Championship for a run of 764 days.

The ASWA Tag Team Championship for a run of 84 days.

The WSD Heavyweight Championship (4x) for a run of 1 day, 413 days, 90 days, 126 days.

The WSD Tag Team Championship for a run of 372 days.

WSD Fighters Championship for a run of 97 days.

He is ranked 46. in The Aussie Top 50 2022’
(Male) here on

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