Allie Galvin

Allie Galvin
Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
Trained By:
Cyrus Burns, Eddie Jones, Mercury
Trademark Moves:
Paige Turner, Senton, Corner Springboard Splash
Home Promotion:
TCW (TAS) (Australia)
Other Promotions:
MXW (VIC) (Australia)
Short Bio:
Allie Galvin is from Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.

Allie Galvin is trained by Cyrus Burns, Eddie Jones, Mercury.

Allie Galvin is known by the nickname "Allie Gremlin".

Allie Galvin wrestles a diverse range of both male and female talent.

She is also diverse in tag wrestling wrestling both male and female talent being part of the tag team with her male tag partner Aaron Lynch in Small Nation.

Outside of wrestling for her home promotion
Tasmanian Championship Wrestling (TCW) based in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia (TCW outside of Launceston do shows all over Tasmania) Allie Galvin has wrestled for Massacre X Wrestling (MXW) based in Horsham, Victoria, Australia where she has followed Charli Rose (who has background with TCW) wrestling some shows for MXW.

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