Adrian Alexander

Adrian Alexander
Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
Allrounder, Technician
Trained By:
TCW Training School (Diablo & Eddie Jones)
Trademark Moves:
Cross Rhodes, Running Knee, Spinning Spinebuster, Air Raid Crash
In Ring Achievements:
TCW Championship (1x) (TAS) (Australia)
Home Promotion:
TCW (TAS) (Australia)
Other Promotions:
Indies (Australia)
Short Bio:
Adrian Alexander is trained by Aussie Greats
Diablo & Eddie Jones at the TCW Training School.

Adrian Alexander debuted in 2018 with Tasmanian Championship Wrestling (TCW).

Adrian Alexander has had many roles with TCW from Singles Wrestler (2018 - today),
Tag Team Wrestler, Manager (2020 - today).

Adrian Alexander is nicknamed "Champagne Diamond".

Adrian Alexander held the TCW Championship (1x) for 728 days.

Adrian Alexander is a top local talent in TCW.

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