NXT Heatwave 2024 Highlights

Today NXT Heatwave took place at the Scotiabank arena in Toronto Ontario Canada, the PLE had 5 matches on the main card where every NXT title was defended. The highlights of the PLE was a standout performance from NXT North American champion Oba Femi who defended his title against Wes Lee in a last chance match meaning now that Lee has lost he can no longer challenge for the title as long as Femi is champion.

Australian Duke Hudson was also featured on the PLE challenging for the NXT Tag Team Championship with his partner Andre Chase representing Chase University, Hudson excelled as a powerhouse in the match, but the duo was defeated by the defending champs Axiom and Nathan Frazer.

The most talked about part of the PLE was the main event a fatal four way for the NXT Championship between champion Trick Williams, Ethan Page, Shawn Spears and Je’Von Evans. It was an extremely well received match with a creative finish where Williams hit his finisher the trick shot on Evans and page but by doing so caused Page to pin Evans and therefore crowning a new NXT champion and setting up for future bouts in the future.

The last notable moment of the PLE was that after the broadcast had seemingly ended there was a quick shot of Joe Hendry indicating that he will likely return to NXT soon and potentially challenge the newly crowned NXT champion but also indicating that WWE’s and TNA’s partnership is growing.

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