The Wyatt Sicks

Written by Jakob.

As seen at the end of Peacock’s “Bray Wyatt: Becoming Immortal” documentary back in April, when Windham Rotunda’s real-life brother, Bo Dalls, hinted at a potential return, and after what felt like months and months of teases, the highly anticipated WWE Debut of the Wyatt Sicks, consisting of Dexter Lumis, as Mercy the Buzzard, Joe Gacy, as Ramblin, Rabbit, Nikki Cross, as Abby the Witch, Erick Rowan, as Huskus the Pig Boy and Bo Dallas (Uncle Howdy), finally happened in the final segment of the June 17th edition of Monday Night Raw, live from Corpus Christi, Texas.

According to numerous reports, Carmelo Hayes, Triple H, Cody Rhodes and Chad Gable, were amongst the many superstars targeted by the Wyatt Sicks, with Chad Gable being the worse of them.
A little backstory however, of those that were targeted, especially Hayes and Gable, the story is that those two in particular got targeted because they turned on their friends, (Carmelo Hayes turned on Trick Williams at NXT Vengeance Day back in February, after the latter lost in the main event to then-champion, “The Mad Dragon”, Illya Dragunov.

And Chad Gable got targeted, because earlier in the night, Gable’s stablemates from the Alpha Academy, more so, Otis, turned his back and quit, and due to how Gable was treating the Alpha Academy the weeks and months prior, this is understandable as to why this happened.

There has been some speculation as to who the 6th member of the Wyatt Sicks is, as there are currently only 5 members, some people are saying the 6th member is set to be the returning Alexa Bliss, as Sister Abigial, (as of this writing, Alexa Bliss is set to return in her home state of Ohio, sometime in August either near or at the Summerslam Premium Live Event, in Clevland)

There is other speculation that the 6th member is the lantern, which is used to represent the late Bray Wyatt, who invented the whole idea of the Wyatt Sicks. Bray, sadly passed away, unexpectedly back in August 2023 due to complications to the covid-19 vaccine. He was 36.

For me personally, when the Wyatt Sicks debuted this past Monday on RAW, I, like so many others, cried and became very emotional as not only was it a fitting way to remember Bray Wyatt but it was also done in a such a way that he would be extremely proud.

It will be very interesting to see how this all plays out and what the first feud for the Wyatt Sicks will be and who they will be targeting next.

Speculation of whether the new faction will be a babyface or a heel (hero or villain, for those not associated with the WWE), at this current point in time, it is hard to tell, as previously, Uncle Howdy was a heel, when he was in a storyline with his real-life brother, Windham Rotunda, aka Bray Wyatt, who at the time was known as The Feind.

Before Bray Wyatt’s death in August 2023, he introduced a new character, Uncle Howdy, which was based on and inspired by, Richard Keil’s portrayal of Captain Howdy in the 1983 film Hysterical.

According to RAW General Manager, Adam Pearce, via Instagram and Twitter, Chad Gable, despite literally being shot in the head and badly beaten up on the June 17th edition of RAW, was supposedly “medically cleared” to take part in the upcoming Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match, involving “Big” Bronson Reed and Braun Strowman.

After the Wyatt Sicks, also allegedly shut down the latest episode of the Pat Mcaffee Show, there has also been ongoing speculation that Uncle Howdy and the Wyatt Sicks will be targeting the Monday Night Raw colour commentator.

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