Matt Cardona Undergoes Surgery + Provides Update On WSW Appearance

Matt Cardona recently confirmed he had suffered a torn pectoral muscle during a match and required surgery, scrapping mutiple bookings in the process. “The Indie God” would take to social media after a successful operation to thank his supporters:

Despite cancelling upcoming bookings, including for Germany’s Westside Xtreme Wrestling, it appears that Cardona will still make an appearance for World Series Wrestling Most Wanted in Australia. With World Series Wrestling social media premiering a promo by Cardona confirming he will be at the event.

Cardona opens the promo with his arm in a sling and explains the injury and surgery before confirming he will still be coming Down Under:

This is the Deathmatch King, the Indie God, the World Series Wrestling Champion Matt Cardona and I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news.

Last weekend, in the middle of the ring, I tore my pec, I’ve gotten surgery and that means… That I’m still coming to Australia!

You marks think you can get rid of me that easily? I don’t think so, pal! I’m coming to Australia, I’m gonna have the title, I’m gonna have SDL (Steph De Lander) and I’m gonna have all your merch money.

See ya in Australia, marks.

Matt Cardona, World Series Wrestling on Instagram 22/4/2024

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