The Renaissance Era (Written by: Stephanie Medlin-Cherry Bombshell)

🙌 The Renaissance Era 🙌

(Written by: Stephanie Medlin-Cherry Bombshell)

Professional wrestling is some of the greatest storytelling of our existence. And storytelling is so engrained in our history as human beings that I don’t know how anybody could deny the artistry that was created in the stories told this past weekend at Wrestlemania XL. 

With every slam, every suplex, and every dramatic twist, wrestling transcends mere physicality, diving deep into the realms of the human psyche. It is a primal dance of triumph and tragedy, where heroes rise from the ashes and villains fall from grace, captivating us in a whirlwind of adrenaline-fueled drama in a way that no other artform can. The greatest tales of our history played our before us – brother vs brother, father vs son, old vs new, big vs small, good vs evil – over and over, but in ways we have never seen them before. The innovation of storytelling is perpetuating and every-evolving. 

In the squared circle, these amazing athletes wield their bodies like brushes on a canvas. They craft epic tales with a flick of the wrist and a single look in their eyes. There are entire reddit threads, Facebook pages, and chat groups dedicated to dissecting every detail, every finger wave, every sigh of the body, to predict the outcomes of these sometimes decade long stories. Whether it’s cheering alongside thousands of fellow fans at a live event or spirited debates among friends, the community and camaraderie fostered in professional wrestling is unmatched by any art form.

Unlike some traditional art forms, professional wrestling not only invites the audience to participate in the narrative – but the level of participation from the crowd is paramount to the plot! With stories being written right before your very eyes, the roar of the crowd has the power to build rebellions and fell entire empires.

In the ring, wrestlers become the embodiment of our deepest desires and darkest fears, channeling our hopes and dreams into a spectacle of pure unadulterated passion. They bleed, sweat, and sacrifice for our entertainment, laying it all on the line to weave a tale that resonates with the very essence of our being.

From the electrifying energy of a sold-out arena to the hushed reverence of a quiet moment of reflection, wrestling commands our attention and demands our allegiance. It’s a love affair that knows no bounds, fueling our obsession with its unrelenting intensity and boundless creativity.

Sometimes, I take for granted the part I play in this incredible industry. A childhood dream for many has become my reality. But it’s events such as this in which that gratification is richest. The incredibly detailed tapestry of the professional wrestling universe is woven with many threads, and I am so grateful to be one of them. 

As the King of Kings, the Game, the man himself Triple H said this past weekend “Man, I live for this!”

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