Maryse Announces She Is Tumor-Free Following Surgery

Former WWE Women’s Champion and the wife of The Miz, Maryse lifted the lid on her lengthy health battle, being diagnosed with Serous Borderline Tumors.

Doctors were able to identify Serous Borderline Tumors, an extremely uncommon pre-cancerous condition that specifically impacts the ovaries.

Maryse shared on her social media platform that she underwent laparoscopy surgery, during which the medical professionals identified and removed 11 implants located around her uterus, ovaries, and connective tissues in her abdominal cavity.

Via her Instagram stories, Maryse revealed that she had undergone surgery for her condition, and fortunately, the procedure was successful.

Maryse is now celebrating after being declared tumor-free. In a post on Instagram, the star broke down her recovery and thanked fans for their support.

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