The Undertaker Talks Australia In Recent Interview

The Undertaker while on tour for his One Deadman Tour sat down for an interview and talked about not just his tour of Australia but his love for Australia. “If I was to leave America, I would live in Australia.” He said.

“Australian people are like Texans, they’re friendly, I’ve wrestled a few times in the country over the years.” He remarked.

The Undertaker also spoke about the time he was last wrestling in Australia as champion, and explained how rare it was for them to wrestle in front of international crowds for the time that they last tour which was around 2008. He would go onto say about the last toured as champion:

“I’ve always enjoyed going there (Australia) to perform, the last time I was champion I drove from LA to the airport, took 17 hours to get to Australia. Get out of the hotel 6am, head to New Zealand and then flew back for Raw. The fans were phenomenal, hanging from the rafters the show did a million-dollar gate which was uncommon for house shows back then (around 2008).

After the show I lambasted the roster for their lack of effort, and pride in themselves, it was bad, I don’t know if Michelle was there. Everyone was exhausted, but you don’t have those kind of nights, I was tired, and I wanted to give them something to remember for the next time.”

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