PWDU Live Review: Elimination Chamber

By Andrew (

Optus Stadium

Visitors to Elimination Chamber 2024 were greeted with world-class facilities at Optus stadium in
Perth, Western Australia. The six-year-old stadium was the best opinion in the country for a live PLE to
meet the high technological demands that the WWE product commands. Sydney nor Melbourne
currently have a stadium that could have delivered the amazing fan experience that was on show on
Saturday night.

WWE Women’s Elimination Chamber

Starting with the women’s chamber match, it was made clear the entrances of the superstars were
not shown on the big screens for the live audience. This was very disappointing as where I was
seated (first riser) I could only visually see the superstars when they entered the ring. An elevated
stage would have helped, however just a projection of the entrances would have made many people

It was clear that Becky was the most over of the match, as the crowd went insane when she made
her entrance. Another negative part of the experience, the chamber impedes actions inside the ring
from a live fan’s perspective. The matches outside of the chamber I could see fine, however inside
the chamber and about 100 feet away, much harder to see. My advice if you ever consider assending
an Elimination Chamber PLE in the near future, pay for floor seats!

Tiffy was way over in this match; fans were irate when she was eliminated. After watching this match
back, it was much better on TV, there was a lot that I did not see or hear when watching live.
I think it’s a good idea to explore personal headsets or some method to be able to hookup your
personal device to plug in and listen to the commentary at a live event. The commentary helps to tell
the story and it makes the events more understanding at the time.

Winner– Becky Lynch, very much a predictable win here, for the spots in the match this was an
excellent match and all women put in considerable effort.

Best chant ‘Tiffy Time’

The Judgment Day VS New Catch Republic
This was a strong match with great tag team action, my expectations were not high as the match
seemed to be filler when announced. The crowd reaction to Judgement Days music was good as a few people in my section were singing along, but when Dominik grabbed the mic from the
announcer, he was booed heavily. Watching it back, I can hardly hear what he is saying as we just
shat all over him. At one point after Dominik was ejected, the big screen cut to black which got
tremendous boos from the crowd. I later read that due to us chanting ‘fuk u dom’ and a few fans
sticking up their finger at him in the front row, the feed was cut due to PG violations on Peacock.
Leave it to an Aussie crowd to violate the PG era of WWE and stop the live PLE feed! Great match
with plenty of back and forth, crowd was into it even after Dom was ejected.
Best chant ‘fuk u dom’

The Waller effect.

The live crowd popped big time for Seth and Cody’s entrance, it was hard to see the fireworks for
Codys entrance as these happened outside the stadium and unless you had floor seats you probably
could not see due to the design of the stadium. This was a great visual however with the entrance,
pyro, and fireworks. There was a lot of anticipation about whether The Rock was going to appear and
interrupt. A day of two prior to the event, the Premier of Western Australia, Roger Cook wrote a
letter to the Rock pleading for him to come to Perth. “The State of Western Australia stands ready to
assist The Rock in making ‘magic’ happen and provide logistical support so you can respond to this
outrageous trash talk’ the letter stated. So based on this and the Rocks promo few days prior in
which he states ‘magic happens’ there was a feeling of uncertainty. Obviously, this was dismissed
once the segment ended and let the crowd feeling deflated, the guy next to me also expected the
Rock. I would have preferred to see Cody in a match than a segment at this event.

WWE Men’s Elimination Chamber

There was a long break between the Men’s chambers match the previous match, about an hour.
Randy got a huge pop, and it was cool to see him do his pose on top of the chamber, and I got some
nice shots of this. Again, it was hard to make out some of the action due to the barrier of the
chamber, I would often switch between watching the screen and the ring, however if I watched the
ring too long, I would miss key elements. For example, I never knew that Logan used the brass knucks
until watching the replay as this is not acknowledged via live commentary. This was a great match
with good storytelling, again it would have been improved if the audience were clued into the
commentary. The crowd was pissed that LA Knight was taken out of the match, a fan behind me
shouted ‘who left the door open’, it makes the structure seem useless that anyone can enter. The
ending was well done after watching in back the following day, solid match overall except for the LA
Knight treatment.

Best chant ‘who left the door open’.

Rhea Ripley VS Nia Jax

Rhea obviously received a massive ovation, much bigger than Cody’s not long before. Fans were
feeling the emotion during her entrance also everyone was so happy for her to see her come this far
and to represent Australia in the WWE. Nia looked very dominant in the match, earlier in the day I
read an article that said Triple H is looking for a shock factor and to change a title at this event. I
thought maybe this is the upset of the century and begins a story for Rhea back to the title if she
loses tonight. Thankfully, this did not happen, after a dominant effort, Rhea was able to pin Nia and
retain her title. This was easily Nia’s best match since her return, Rhea made Nia look like a credible
threat to her title.
Best Chant ‘you can’t wrestle’ directed at Nia

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