Netherworld Wrestling Federation Presents Nethermania

Coming soon to the Netherworld Bar is a new wrestling experience known as the Netherworld Wrestling Federation, and their next major event Nethermania is coming up on the 6th of March. Nethermania is a celebration of the golden era of wrestling and beyond.

Nethermania will be an all-out event on which you are invited to come dressed as the wrestler you believe you are if you held onto your childhood ambitions of being a professional wrestler. Nethermania will have three stages kicking off at 3pm with the main event happening at 6pm. Below are more details


Wrestling themed table-top games and console games including mini-comps with prizes to be won!


Battle Royal Trivia! Individual trivia with questions ranging from the golden age of WWF through to the attitude era with a few curveballs thrown in. A voucher as well as ticket to the main event will be in it for the winner!


A handful of our favourite budding wrestlers in the room and winners of previous cards will be selected to do an entrance (be sure to think of your entrance tune) and short promo! The entrance and promo will be judged by our special guest judges and the Netherworld Wrestling Federation Champion will be crowned!

It’s all free and open to everyone, head over to the Netherworld Bar facebook page here, to find out more about this great event that’s coming up in March.

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