Grayson Waller Weighs In On Interview

Grayson Waller made headlines recently after having a verbal altercation with the hosts of Australia’s Sunrise when he felt that WWE and professional wrestling were disrespected. Grayson and LA Knight were on the program to promote the upcoming Elimination Chamber PLE taking place at Optus Stadium in Perth when Knight was asked to demonstrate his finishing move, which he passed onto Grayson.

One of the production staff agreed to take the move but he found it all a joke, which irritated the Sydney native, who went to have a verbal altercation with those involved. The altercation quickly spread around the internet, and the young star was praised by fans and peers a like, including Hall of Famers Booker T and The Undertaker.

Grayson Waller would go on to speak with Kenny McIntosh from Inside The Ropes’, and he would be asked about the praise. He responded with:

“Yeah, it’s strange for me to get any type of positive feedback online. So that was very confusing, I don’t know how I felt about it. But, you know, it’s a situation where they don’t know any better.

We walked into that show, we had just been on 24 hours of travel basically, to get to Australia, and you get put on this show. They’re doing four hours a day, they just asking questions off the screen. They don’t know, it’s not their fault. But, I was kind of chillin.

So you get this guy standing in front of me shimmying his shoulders, he’s telling me I’ll take a fake punch. I see that as complete disrespect to what I do, how hard we work and everything we do. So I just needed to show him and show the show this isn’t what you think it is.

This isn’t what it was in the 90s, we’re for real. I have no problem standing up for the business every time I have the opportunity. I had a few DMs from certain wrestlers. I got to see Undertaker backstage at Royal Rumble. He shook my hand and showed respect. If The Undertaker was happy with something I did then I’m okay with it.”

Grayson was also asked about the comedic nature that Knight offered up the spot, which the Moment Maker would compare it to the Vader incident, saying:

“It’s comedic if you know wrestling and you know LA’s finishing move. Unfortunately, I’ve been on the receiving end of that move multiple times, it’s you getting your head drilled directly into the mat. So I don’t know how that would have looked if LA Knight got up and gave Natalie Barr on Seven Sunrise the Blunt Force Trauma. You want to talk about viral? That’s real viral.

But I think part of the blame has to go to LA Knight. It’s funny that people online talked about the Vader Undertaker thing where Taker is just sitting there so calm and collected while Vader goes off and then there’s the parallel where LA Knight passes me the buck because he knows I can’t help myself. I have to get involved. So fair play, he knows me too well.”

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