Aaron Lynch Becomes TCW Title Number One Contender, Holiday Havoc Review

Aaron Lynch outlasted five other men to become the new number contender for the Tasmanian Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Title against Elliott Greyson at Annihilation 11. The match was made earlier in the night when Elliott Greyson and Zakk Archer had begun the champions celebration that ended up turning into a free for all. It took Mr. Sinclair to set a six-man tag between Allie Garvin, Itchee the Referee, and Aaron Lynch against The Dylan Daniels, Caity Luxe, and Jaxon from HR also known as Jaxon Parker.

In the middle of all this Liam Lacey, Dominic Knight, and Zakk Archer were confronting each other which led to the announcement that six men would battle in an elimination match for a chance to face off against the Champion at Annihilation.

Mr. Sinclair had announced that Lynch, Knight, Lacey and Archer would be met by two mystery opponents to be decided later in the night. Greyson was also told he would be facing a mystery opponent during the show, that would be the returning Eddie Jones.

The final two men to enter the match would end up being Gippsland Pro Wrestling’s own Andy Rhodes, known to all as the keg on legs and Owen Steadman who had wrestled the first match of the night with Lush in a losing effort to the Brisbane Street Bullies (Deano and Adrian Alexander) the match started with everyone just going at it, brawls all over the ringside area, while Andy Rhodes decided to spend some time with the fans.

Dominic Knight was all over Owen Steadman, just after the shock elimination of Liam Lacey who didn’t offer much in the match in the way of an offense. The crowd were stunned silent as Liam was visibly disappointed and pulled out a chair from under the ring before just tossing it aside.

Dominic Knight would lay out Steadman with a chokeslam after they had battled on the floor, with Steadman being run into the steel post a couple of times. Steadman was suddenly eliminated from the match, now it was down to Archer, Lynch, Knight and Rhodes.

Lynch and Rhodes formed a partnership to try and rid the match of Archer and Knight, they both set the fellow rivals in the corners and chopped them before sending Knight into Archer. Knight would fall to the floor and landed a low blow accidentally to Archer. Lynch tried to steal a pinfall from Rhodes, but the big man was too tough to get down.

Rhodes and Dominic Knight would soon be eliminated from the match leaving Greyson’s lackey Zakk Archer to battle Aaron Lynch. For a moment it seemed like Archer was going to get the win, but a couple of big moves saw Lynch win and become a contender for the TCW Title.

Greyson came out from the back, there was a stare down and he raised the title above his head before leaving and Aaron Lynch would celebrate his win.

Doomslayer successfully defended his North Esk Title against the debuting Chase Austin, this was the first defence in TCW for Doomslayer. Before the action got under way there was a pose off and a few chops thrown solid match before Chase Austin went to finish with a Styles Clash but it was blocked and Doomslayer finished off the match to a big crowd reaction.

The opening contest was a tag team battle between The Brisbane Street Bullies (Deano and Adrian Alexander) battling Steadman and Lush. Fast paced match, some very good tag team wrestling. Adrian Alexander briefly was out of the match with a deep graze on his leg. Steadman and Lush got on top of Alexander and Deano, before they fought back to take the match. Steadman later went onto be part of the Number One Contenders Match.

Steadman was one of the highlights of this Tag Team battle, Deano and Alexander worked very well together and the crowd were very into this match.

The Six Man tag involving The Dylan Daniels, Caity Luxe and Jaxon Parker battling Allie Garvin, Aaron Lynch and Itchee was a fast-paced match with Parker, Daniels and Luxe getting the upper hand early. When Allie came into the match, she started to swing the match but couldn’t get the win as The Dylan Daniels got a rollup and pinned her.

TCW returns in February 2024 with Annihilation 11, marking 11 years since the first TCW event in Launceston happened. It’s already promising to be a big event with “Showtime” Aaron Lynch battling TCW Champion Elliott Greyson for the belt.

Even though Allie Garvin was meant to face Jaxon Parker alone at Holiday Havoc, those plans quickly changed and her pursuit of he and The Dylan Daniels will continue.

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