Will Ospreay to Enter Free Agency

The wrestling world has been buzzing for the last number of months with the impending free agency of IWGP United Kingdom Champion Will Ospreay. His current contract with NJPW is set to expire in February and has multiple options laid out in front of him.

While with NJPW, Ospreay is currently allowed to wrestle in AEW and Impact Wrestling/TNA Wrestling, allowing for some familiarity with each roster and management. But WWE shouldn’t be left out. WWE is showing plenty of interest in signing the high flying Brit.

Wherever Will Ospreay signs, his fans are sure to follow, and there’ll be plenty of dream matches to be had. It’ll be a matter of who offers the more appealing deal.

Signing with AEW, Ospreay will have the freedom to wrestle on the Indies and go back to NJPW for runs, if need be. Signing with WWE could solidify Ospreay as a top star in wrestling, if used properly. Wherever he signs will be a win for the company he signs with and for the fans.

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