Ronda Rousey Officially No Longer With WWE

Rousey’s profile on has been moved to the alumni section, officially marking the end of her tenure with the company as she’s a free agent. 

Ronda Rousey returned to the ring on Thursday for Lucha VaVOOM at the Mayan Theatre in Los Angeles, California, where she was sitting in the front row when she teamed with her long-time friend Marina Shafir to take on Taya Valkyrie and Brian Kendrick in tag team action.

This marked her first match since she left WWE after losing to Shayna Baszler in an MMA Rules Match at the WWE SummerSlam premium live event from Ford Field.

While speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer pointed out that Rousey teased after the match on Twitter that she could be working the Pro Wrestling Revolver show on Thursday, November 16th, in LA.

The possibility of Rousey joining AEW at Full Gear next month in LA was brought up. Meltzer went on to say…

“I don’t know if she’s cost-effective for AEW because you know what she made with WWE. Everyone’s cost-effective with WWE, but with AEW, it’s like the bloom is off the rose. I mean, it’s like, yeah, people talk about her and everything like that. But the bloom is kind of off the rose. The novelty effect of Ronda Rousey as a wrestler. And it’s been more and more years. It’s been years now since she fought. And she’s not the celebrity that she was when she was a fighter. I wouldn’t like to rule it out or anything, especially with all the people it does bring in. I guess you could. I wouldn’t rule it out, but I. It wouldn’t be a move that I would make now. But I suppose if you like, you get a Mercedes [Mone]. but I don’t know. I mean, Ronda didn’t knock him dead on her last WWE, but maybe in a new fan base and a new place, but it’s also a different crowd that’s more into the wrestling and less into the name, I don’t know. Yeah, it’s interesting, I don’t see her like I don’t see her as like a big ratings mover right now. Like when she was in WWE when she first came back, yes, there was interest and certainly on her first run, a lot, a lot of interest. But I just felt on the last run, it wasn’t really that strong. They never went there [WWE going back to Rousey vs. Becky Lynch]. They never went there, which was the original idea. And yeah, they never went there. I think some of that, just because I think the feeling is, is that Ronda wasn’t as strong as a character.”

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