Mystic Jesse Opens Up On Knee Injury, Recovery & Future Goals caught up with former Wrestle Strong Dojo Women’s Champion Mystic Jesse to talk about her recent knee injury, recovery and what her goals are once she is back in the ring. (follow Mystic Jesse on Facebook and Instagram for recent updates on her recovery)

The injury I have is a full thickness tear of the ACL, in my left knee. It happened at the Wrestle Strong Dojo Bonnyrigg show in March this year (2023). It wasn’t during a match, it actually happened at the end of the match, I had just lost my WSD Women’s title, I handed it over to my opponent and then when her back was turned I attacked her, I hit her across the back and she went down then I kicked her while on the ground. As I kicked her I felt this weird sharp pulling pain in my left knee and just fell to the ground, I didn’t want anyone to see something was wrong, specially due to having so many kids in the crowd, so I took my time to get out of the ring, using my voice and yelling at her about how I am really the best, I managed to get myself backstage before it all sunk in. I couldn’t put much weight into my knee, I was in a lot of pain, and just knew something was wrong.

I’ve always had really bad knees while growing up, at school playing sports for PE it would often be a running joke with myself and friends that I would just suddenly collapse and get back up, my knees, specially my left knee would just cut out on me then suddenly will come back. So when I started wrestling I was very slow and wearing knee braces to help myself. Doing all the training and working out actually helped with my knees and really started to strengthen them to the best they have ever been, up until this one night.

So I believe this injury is just a freak accident that’s happened at no fault of anyone.

My recovery started even before the Surgery, I was doing physio for awhile leading up to the Surgery to get the muscles around the knee as strong as possible and also my hamstring super strong. This was to help the recovery to be easier and hopefully quicker. The Surgeon has used a graft from my hamstring to make the new ACL, so my main last goal was to get that as strong as I could. My recovery now after surgery is going to be a long one, I have been told I will not be able to step back in the ring for 10 months.

I am going to be doing physio weekly, and also working along side a PT once a week who will help me with the exercises the physio gives me. I have many goals for inside and outside the ring, after all this. I am a disability worker, working with mostly children, so I want to get back into supporting them the best way I can. I am also a Mum, with two children, so I want to be able to run around and do things with them.

Inside the ring, I have so many goals, I want to and will come back stronger and tougher then ever. I want to really get my flips nailed, like jumping into a Frankensteiner instead of climbing, I want to get my WSD Women’s title back, and show all the Mystic Jessie fans, specially the little girls, that women are just as tough as the the guys, no matter what we face in life, we must always stay positive and fight with every ounce of our strength we can.

I want to thank everyone who has been so supportive during this time. The Wrestle strong Dojo crew have been very supportive and helpful with everything, and the fans have also been so great in supporting me. Putting together the Go Fund me page, doing a benefit show to help support, as the Surgery was a self funded Surgery. So getting all that love and support from fans, family and the WSD family, has been more then I could ever expect, I honestly feel so lucky to be part of such a close and supportive crew in the wrestling world, with our equally as amazing fans.

So Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

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