Raise Your Standards – Mason Childs

Raise Your Standards

By Mason Childs

Hello fans, co workers and those who have nothing better to do!

I was asked by Marek to write an article about “not acting like a mark backstage”. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that he thought of me for this topic, so I’m going give it a red hot crack!

For this article, I’ll try to put a quote in relation to the topic I cover.

“Raise your standards. You don’t get what you want every time, but you get what you have to have!” Tony Robbins.

When you arrive at a show, make sure you present yourself as someone people should notice and respect. Shake people’s hands, introduce yourself if you don’t know the person already and find a spot to put your gear down. Afterwards, make sure you say hello to the promoters and bookers. Ask them if there’s anything they need from you in your match, is there anything you should avoid compared to other matches on the card. Wear appropriate clothes and footwear. As both a wrestler and a former booker and promoter, nothing turned my stomach and attitude towards someone who showed up with no shoes on, or looking like they’d just gotten out of bed. Lastly on the topic, don’t show up stinking of body odour! This is just a common courtesy for everyone within your vicinity.

“Know Your Role and Shut Your Mouth!” Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

It’s unfortunate that this needs to be said, but I see it almost every show I’m on in Queensland. As a roster, we trying to produce a show, not 6-8 individual matches! The card should build to a hot and hyped main event! You shouldn’t EVER be doing a main eventers finisher, even if you try and say it is a “tribute” or “homage” to someone. Just don’t. Rookies should have very simple and basic matches, honing their craft until they are ready for bigger spots on the card. The only time you should be questioning anything is if you don’t feel confident in taking a move or feel undertrained in taking the move. A good/competent veteran will lead you through safely. (Note, “good” “competent”).

Another part of this, work for the crowd, not for yourself or the boys in the back. Your match isn’t for you to mark out for yourself, it’s for the crowd to either boo you or cheer you, and to build the story that’s been asked of you.

“Teamwork makes the dream work!” John Maxwell

What makes the better companies better than the half arsed ones? Team work.

They all get in and load the ring onto the truck. They all get in and set the ring up. They all pack down the ring. They all unload the ring. They all train and work together to try and pass on their knowledge, whether it be in the form of new moves, techniques or match psychology.

“Take ownership, take extreme ownership!” Jocko Willink

Guess what? We all mess up/screw up/F up/make mistakes. One huge sign of professionalism for me, is when someone takes responsibility and own it. Admit it, own it, learn from it. In the end, your mess up/screw up/F up/mistake will become a lesson instead of a mistake.

In no way is this column meant to be a shot at anyone within the industry, just a lot of problems I’ve seen previously. If you have any questions, feedback or commentary on anything I’ve said, feel free to contact me on my Facebook page AustralianWolf, on Twitter @destinychilds, on Instagram or Threads @strayanwolf.

And lastly, feel free to check out my new YouTube channel @AustralianWolfTV and please like, comment and subscribe! Thank you once again and always remember, Raise Your Standards!

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