Liam Lacey One of Tasmania’s Top Wrestling Stars

Liam Lacey has become the backbone of Tasmanian Championship Wrestling in recent years, the former 2-time TCW Champion starting out his career in 2014. He’s wrestled predominately with Tasmanian Championship Wrestling but has ventured outside of the state to wrestle with New Valhalla Wrestling in Mt. Gravatt Queensland in 2018.

Lacey would team with fellow TCW regular Zeke Andino to battle Aussie veteran Australian Wolf who has also worked for TCW in the past, and Tim Kade in a losing effort. In 2022 he ventured to Gippsland to battle GPW Champion Mitch Waterman at GPW’s Incursion event in Gippsland. He was again unable to get the win, but as he always does he put on a great show for the fans.

Liam Lacey began his career after training with the TCW Training Centre under former TCWC owner and veteran Australian wrestler Leigh Barber. His first match he was known as Omega,  wrestling at TCW’s Devastation event in 2014 in a Two on One Handicap match where he teamed with Mercury to battle Killrog.

Lacey would taste his first title win at TCW’s Rise of the Champion event in June 2018 defeating fellow long term TCW wrestler Eddie Jones for the title. He would wear that belt for 224 days before losing the title to Zakk Archer in February 2019 at Annihilation VI.

Liam Lacey would soon crown himself the Liam Lacey Wrestling Champion, and would defend that belt, before he came up against JJ Storm for the TCW Tasmanian Title, which then became a unification match at Annihilation X. Lacey would defeat Storm becoming the TCW Undisputed Champion and wearing the TCW Title a second time. He would wear the belt 112 days before losing it to current champion Elliott Greyson in a triple threat match with Zeke Andino at TCW’s Joker’s Wild event in June.

Not only is Liam Lacey a talented wrestler, and one of the top stars in Tasmanian Wrestling, but Liam Lacey has also become a bit of a fan favourite as well. His journey from trainee to champion has seen him entertain the fans and bring excitement to all his matches.

Fans outside of Tasmania have yet to fully experience the talent that is Liam Lacey, a man that has certainly become a major attraction for TCW. Lacey is originally from Diamond Creek in Victoria, having moved to Tasmania and started to train at TCW’s Training school in Launceston.

With all his work and loyalty to Tasmanian Championship Wrestling fans now see him as a hometown boy, and certainly love watching him compete every time he steps out of the dressing room and into the ring.

Last year when Liam Lacey introduced the Liam Lacey Wrestling Title which was the previous version of the Tasmanian Title with the old TCW logo on it fans were quick to get excited by the prospect of Lacey wearing gold in TCW. When the title was unveiled there was a loud cheer as Lacey declared himself a champion and was going to defend that belt as much as he possibly could.

His first defence of his newly formed title was at Reckoning in June of last year, he would battle Zakk Archer for the title and win. He went onto face The Dylan Daniels at The Perfect Storm, and then Andy Rhodes at New Horizons all were Liam Lacey Wrestling Title matches that he would win.

It would not take long before he was wearing the Tasmanian Championship and securing himself as the new face of the company. He and up and comer JJ Storm who finally rose to the top to claim the belt put on a great match for the Launceston crowd.

In the time that he has wrestled with TCW he has shown that he is one of the future top stars of Australian Wrestling, even if he hasn’t yet ventured far away from Tasmanian Wrestling just yet. The future is very bright for Lacey, who is just getting started in the business and has a strong and exciting future ahead of him. You can watch Tasmanian Championship Wrestling on their demand service, you can do that by going to their Facebook page and clicking the link in their description.

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