Is Jey Uso Quitting WWE?

Tensions within the Bloodline faction imploded further on the August 11th episode of Smackdown when the former right hand man of the Tribal Chief, Jey Uso, dropped twin brother Jimmy, as well as Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa with superkicks before declaring to the camera “I’m out. I’m out of The Bloodline, I’m out of Smackdown and I’m out of WWE!”

Following the ordeal, fans noticed that Jey Uso’s Superstar profile on had been moved from the Smackdown roster to the Alumni section, adding further speculation that he may be leaving.

Rumours have been reported on social media declaring that sources such as Fightful have “confirmed” that due to Jey Uso’s contract expiring in August, him quitting is legitimate. However, Sean Ross Sapp of has denied that such rumours were reported by Fightful.

Furthermore, Fightful Select have provided further information regarding Jey Uso’s position within WWE. Despite the promotion removing him from the roster page following the events of Smackdown, Jey Uso’s claims of quitting was part of the ongoing Bloodline storyline. Thus, he is still an active wrestler for WWE and is expected to sign a new contract when the time comes.

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