PWDU Interview (Part 2/2): Emman Azman “Robbie Eagles is a piece of sh*t!”

Ahead of next week’s Renegades of Wrestling vs Game Changer Wrestling tour, PWDownunder was lucky to speak with Emman Azman about the event.

Last week we published part 1, where Emman spoke a lot about the “macro influences” on his career – nationality and family to be specific.

This week in part 2, we hear from Emman has he speaks about some of the more immediate influences on his career and what drives him.

On the formation of The Ambush, featuring Emman Azman, Renegades Women’s Champion Aysha, Jarvis & Murdoch:

“We weren’t (being) given the opportunity to roll with the ball, we weren’t being given the ball. It was ‘be on the show, you win, you lose, whatever.’ With the (title) tournament as well to crown the champions we were in it, but we weren’t given the ball, and it’s like ‘hey, it’s time for us to not be obedient, it’s time for us to step up, you have the best talent in Australian wrestling today, the four of us, and you’re not giving us the ball.’ So we’ll just take the ball away from them and run with it.“

On what The Ambush hopes to achieve:

“Titles has always been the plan. We like gold, I’m the golden tiger. We’re a pack of tigers ready to ambush the titles… we have so many goals in mind, so many things we want to do, and so many people to beat up, like the old people in Australian wrestling.”

On Robbie Eagles, with whom Emman has been feuding in Renegades, most recently meeting in a MOTY Contender at Return of the Renegades:

“He’s a piece of shit to be honest.”

“I think with Robbie we have a bit of history… we’ve wrestled maybe 4-5 times, and every time we’ve faced each other it’s been different. The one time we teamed up, I thought we were going to be the best tag team in Australian wrestling, then after the loss, it was him not really thinking I could do it. I feel like he had more faith in Mat Diamond and the VeloCites than he had in me.”

“I know what he does, but he doesn’t know what I do. Robbie’s an open book, he’s been doing this so long, and he’s only just seeing bits and pieces of Emman Azman.”

On how The Ambush is approaching the GCW weekend of shows:

If they want to know Australian wrestling, the Ambush is Australian wrestling, we’re the forefront of the youngest talent to ever dominate a company like Renegades, you look at Aysha, at me, at Jarvis and Murdoch, there’s no one stopping us.”

On the announcement that Emman will be competing against el Hijo del Vikingo at the Melbourne show:

I’m going to beat Vikingo. You know, Vikingo is pretty good – pretty good – he can do a lot of cool stuff, but he’s not Emman Azman.”

“Hey, super excited for it. But I should be getting these opportunities. I met Vikingo at the last BCW show, and I watched him pull off all these insane moves in front of maybe a couple of hundred people and maybe the show won’t even get aired, and he was definitely something different that I’ve never seen before. Pulling off the 630s, doing shooting star presses from the apron to the floor – I can’t do those those things, I admit I can’t do those things, I can’t do flips like he does, but what I can do is knock him out with my running elbow, what I can do is have team mates who support me.”

“He’s an outsider who hasn’t been in the Australian wrestling scene for that long – I have. I know what it’s like. And it’s them coming to us, I’m not going to them, so he should be honoured, he’s facing the Golden Tiger. Cos I just know this, he doesn’t know what he’s getting into… I’m confident in myself, I don’t need to ask anyone for help, I know Vikingo, I’ve seen his stuff, I’ve seen his matches at BCW, I know I can beat him.”

On Ambush comrade Aysha’s title defences against “The Cutest in the World” Maki Itoh, “The Indy Goddess” Steph de Lander and Lena Kross:

We’re the Aysha squad. When she’s out we’re dancing, we’re popping the bubbly. But Maki Itoh? Fuck her, she thinks her dancing’s cute, she thinks she can do all the middle fingers? Nah fuck that, I do it better, I dance better, I throw the middle finger better, better than Stone Cold as well!

But we’ve got Aysha’s back, we’re going to beat them up when the ref isn’t looking, we’re going to dance over them. Lena Kross, Steph de Lander, they’re taller than me, they’re taller than most of us. But if we join together we’re taller than them, think about that!

Emman’s plans going forward:

“Take over the world! I don’t want to tell people my plans, I never tell people my goals cos I work in silence. When it pops up, it pops up and you’ll know.”

“The Golden Tiger” Emman Azman Profile:

Age: 23

Debut: 2014

Height: 5ft, 5 inches 

Weight: 65kgs

Home country: Malaysia

Companies: Renegades of Wrestling, Melbourne City Wrestling, Battle Championship Wrestling

Titles: Current MCW Intercommonwealth Champion (since Nov 2022)

5 matches to watch:

MCW Intercommonwealth Title Match: Mick Moretti (c) vs Emman Azman vs Adam Brooks

Malaysia Pro Wrestling: Robbie Eagles vs Emman Azman

MCW: Emman Azman vs Jarvis

Renegades of Wrestling: Robbie Eagles vs Emman Azman (Return of the Renegades, March 2023)*

World Series Wrestling: Trey Miguel vs Alex Zayne vs Emman Azman (WSW Phoenix Rising, July 2022)*

* Both these matches are available free to Fite+ subscribers

Event Dates:

Friday 25 August – Sydney Roundhouse

Saturday 26 August – Melbourne Pavillion

Sunday 27 August – Eaton’s Hill Hotel, Brisbane

Melbourne & Sydney in particular are selling quickly, PWDU advises you to buy tickets ASAP!

Links to ticket purchases are available at

Broadcast info hasn’t been announced to date, however they are likely to be broadcast on Fite TV on delay.

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