W.A.R Puts E.C Brownie On The Frontline

By: Wyatt Medlin (W.A.R. Co-President)

In 2018, Australian Wrestling legend Australian Wolf and the current QWA champion Sam Cannon made their way from Townsville to the beef capital of Australia to host Rockhampton’s first ever Professional Wrestling Try Outs. This try out is what launched the careers of now prominently featured superstars of Wrestling Allegiance Rockhampton Tyson De Haunt, Colt Winchester, and the fire breathing red heathen EC Brownie.

EC Brownie was fast to impress the coaches with his impressive wrestling physique, sports background and willingness to learn. EC, after attending his first live professional wrestling show in Townsville, acted on his determination and commitment to his craft by doing the 8 hour drive to Rockhampton to ensure he could start learning and become the talent he is today.

Over the next few months EC Brownie would travel between Rockhampton to Townsville to get in all of the training he could and successfully debuted in February 2019 against Queensland veteran Stitches The Clown. It was evident early on that EC Brownie had ‘it’ and with the amount of determination and grit to learn and prove himself he quickly became one of Queensland’s fastest rising stars. EC Brownie has sat under the learning tree of many wrestling greats such as Australian Wolf, Chavo Guerrero, Marty Jones, Dick Togo and with his passion for learning this has elevated his abilities to soaring new heights.

Two of the wrestlers that have helped inspire EC’s wrestling style are Hulk Hogan and Alex Hammerstone, and whenever you see EC Brownie enter the ropes this is reflected through his physique, crowd interaction, hard hitting action and his ‘it factor’. Throughout his career so far Brownie has been featured prominently throughout multiple companies such as WAR, VPW, Nightfall, QWAR, AWF, EWA, QWA, Atomic Pro, Newcastle Pro, and headlined huge events such as Rocky Nats which had over 50,000 people at the event. Some of his opponents include Slade Mercer, Australian Wolf, Dick Riggs, Craven, Alex Shepherd, Tim Hayden, Colt Winchester, Sam Cannon, Jason Storm, Mitch Ryder and even appeared in a match with wrestling legend Chavo Guerrero just to name a few of the list of over 100 matches.

Over his career EC Brownie has represented multiple promotions as champion such as W.A.R tag team champion with his current tag partner Steven Stanleys in what is arguably W.A.R’s greatest heel tag team, VPW Heavyweight Champion and QWA Heavyweight Champion. For those that haven’t seen EC Brownie in action I highly recommend checking out Wrestling Allegiance Rockhampton’s YouTube channel, and for promotions out there seeking a reliable, strong, rising star I highly recommend booking the fire breathing red heathen EC Brownie before he inevitably leaves for the big leagues.

To follow his journey please follow his instagram of, ec_brownie_prowrestler and his Facebook of, EC Brownie – Pro Wrestler.

Big things are coming for the ‘Big Fella’ of Queensland and now NSW Wrestling.

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