Vale Australian Wrestling Super Fan Kyle Eade

Members of the larger Australian Wrestling community are shaken after receiving the shocking news today that Australian Professional Wrestling super fan Kyle Eade has sadly passed away at just 23 years of age.

Kyle oozed energy, support and enthusiasm for professional wrestling, particularly the local product in Australia and NSW in a way that was seemingly unmatched by anyone else. He would actively engage with and promote any wrestling content he would see all over his social media channels, constantly sharing his passion for the artform to those that followed him whilst actively communicating with members of the Australian Wrestling community on platforms like Facebook.

At wrestling shows, he was frequently described as the loudest person in the room, often responsible for leading the choir of the crowd, bringing atmosphere and energy to even the quietest of rooms. He would often be perched in the front row, interacting with the wrestlers as they came past. During intermission and after the show, he made sure to go up to his heroes and grab plenty of photos which is best demonstrated unfortunately on this most tragic of days. Through the incredible outpouring of support, the majority of those wrestlers paying tribute have at least one photo with the young man, because he was almost always at the shows whether they were in Sydney, the Hunter Valley or even interstate and he would relish the time spent with his heroes often posting the photos to his social channels and encourage them to ‘Keep Killing it as always’.

As a friend, he would often arrange shoutouts from musicians, actors and wrestlers for his friend Josh who is currently battling cancer to help keep his spirits up during his battle. He and Josh went to the hospital to visit Benny The Backrower during his recent injury to provide some support and Kyle had been one of Benny’s biggest supporters from the sideline on his long road to recovery. Wrestlers who came across Kyle were understandably shattered:

The Muzzdog from Suplex Pro Wrestling described Kyle as “The backbone of Aussie wrastlin fandom”

Michael Lee from New Horizons Pro Wrestling in Perth wrote: Didn’t matter if there was 10 people in the crowd, 100 or even 1000. Whether he only saw you once or dozens of times, he would give you his undivided attention and drive or fly hours on end if it meant watching a show. If you had the support of Kyle you were doing something right.”

Jay Sorbet, NSW pro wrestler wrote, “ Every show he was at you knew he was there, he would cheer, boo and make noise without shame because that’s what he loved to do.” “He was a super fan and someone who poured a lot of his hard earned money into supporting the wrestling scene not just in australia but worldwide

Akell, NSW pro wrestler wrote “I’m forever grateful for your support and belief in me as a performer”

Jackson Spade, owner of Suplex wrote: “The show just got a hell of a lot quieter”

In a heartwarming display many wrestlers, promotions, other wrestling adjacent workers and fellow fans have paid tribute to the young man, showing the same love that he had displayed them during his time as a fan.

PW Downunder extends its condolences to Kyle’s family, friends and those mourning this untimely loss in the Australian wrestling community. Rest in Peace Kyle, the shows will not be the same without you – you will be missed.

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