NSW Pro Wrestler Injured, Forced into Medical Retirement

Unfortunately some sad news broke over the weekend with predominately NSW competing Pro Wrestler Benny the Back Rower seriously injured during a match on Saturday 15th July. Benny, in the fourth year of his wrestling career sustained a neck injury with a fracture to the C5 vertebrae, which is high load bearing and provides flexibility and support to much of the neck and head. It is an injury that will immediately in Benny’s own words, force him “into medical retirement.” 

The one time Suplex Pro Wrestling Streaming Champion gave further update to concerned colleagues and fans late Sunday 16th July commenting on a Facebook post about his injury. “Update: I am being flown to a Newcastle facility tomorrow for surgery, at this current time I have not lost and feeling in my limbs and a still have control of them, I appreciate everyone who has reached out and messaged and who has contributed to helping me where they can, it’s going to be a long road to any sort of recovery but I’m determined to get there”.

As good communities often do, the Australian wrestling community has wrapped it arms around Benny the Back Rower, real name Camron Nable, with a #standwithbenny campaign circulating around social media, along with promotions and wrestlers doing their best to raise much needed money to cover medical expenses. Deathmatch Downunder will hold a raffle at this Friday’s ‘Such is Life’ event with the proceeds going to the cause, Suplex colleague ‘The Muzzdog’ is holding an auction for a personally signed, custom Muzzdog skateboard and NCPW have advised their next show on September 16 will be a charity show with proceeds going directly to Camron. 

Photo – Benny ‘The Back Rower’ Facebook Page

Benny’s home promotion Suplex Pro Wrestling from the Hunter Region of NSW has created a GoFund Me page in an effort to receive donations to cover hospital and transport expenses which will no doubt relieve some of the additional stress that is surrounding Camron and his family at this time. Suplex owner Jackson Spade released a heartfelt statement via his Facebook page which reads as follows: 

“This one’s hitting me hard. Best mate, groomsmen at my wedding, tag partner, one if my favourite opponents. Benny took a nasty bump outside of Suplex and has fractured his C5 vertebrae. Forced into retirement as he just started taking off on the Wrestling scene. He’s done so many amazing things in his short career. He was a true athlete and a natural. 

Suplex has started up a gofundme as Benny is going to have alot of bills, and medical costs going forward. Due to the nature of the injury and the type of work Benny did, this is likely going to affect his income aswell. Please if you can, donate to my best mate to help him out. 

Love you Benny” 

Camron has since released an additional statement Monday evening thanking everyone for their support: “Just wanted to take a minute to say thankyou to everyone for the out pour of support, I have truly been humbled and feel so lucky to have so much support, the last 48 hours have been so very rough not just physically, but mentally and emotionally, and I want to thank each and every person for their support, it truly has been a shining light in a dark moment to see everyone come together for this and words can’t explain how thankful and appreciative I am, so from the bottom of my heart, thankyou to every person who has reached out, donated money, and checked on me, the road to recovery is long, but knowing I have so much support makes it that bit easier, see you all down the road”

We at PW Downunder wish Camron all the best with his recovery. 

The Gofundme link to support Camron AKA Benny can be found here 

Link to Muzzdog’s auction can be found on his Facebook page here. 

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