New Stadium Could Attract Mainstream Wrestling Back To Tassie?

It’s finally happening for Tasmania a brand-new world-class stadium that’ll house not just their future AFL side but will bring many big acts to the state. It’s Tasmania’s time to finally shine on the world stage of sport and entertainment. Tasmania has been left off the entertainment map by artists, and entertainment acts for a very long time, only rarely does the state get to taste some entertainment.

Tasmania hasn’t been on the wrestling map since the 2000 Superstars of Wrestling tour, before then it was WCW Australia that ventured into Hobart’s city hall. Some of the biggest names in wrestling had ventured into that hall, which is now mostly where boxing is held. 

The new Mac Point Stadium opens a world of possibilities for Tasmania, not just the world’s largest sporting events but also entertainment as well. Including and not limited to the world of professional wrestling. Does Tasmania dare to dream that they could be about to be put back on the world map?

There’s a long way to go, the stadium must be built and survive some of the protests about the stadium being built. But the endless possibilities of world class wrestling events that could make their way to Tasmania could be a windfall for the state’s economy.

Tasmania has a rich sporting history, and used to play a big part in the world of professional wrestling in the 1970’s with the now defunct World Championship Wrestling Australia that was always on the Nine Network presently only Tasmanian Championship Wrestling runs regular events in Tasmania, while some people would go watch WWE events at various places in Hobart, and Launceston.

Despite Tasmania Championship Wrestling holding events every two months in Launceston, Tasmania has no other active wrestling only usually boxing events. A mixed martial arts company used to run shows in the City Hall, but they ended up meeting with some troubles elsewhere.

City Hall also hosted Victorian based wrestling promotion NAW for a one-off show, a full house getting to enjoy the first wrestling show to appear in the City Hall since the 1970’s glory days of World Championship Wrestling Australia.

Hobart’s Derwent Entertainment Centre, known now as MyState Arena that houses the state’s NBL side has previously hosted the maligned Superstars of Wrestling tour of 2000, which was brought to Australia by I-Generations, and Dennis Rodman. It featured many stars that were well past their used by date, and a couple of unknowns as well as former Australian Gladiator star Vulcan, who now runs his very own wrestling promotion.

The Superstars of Wrestling tour had sold out fast in Tasmania, with a full house coming out to see wrestlers that were past their glory days, but still put on an okay show for their ages. The Public Enemy that night almost created a riot, that gave the event an interesting bit of publicity in the weeks following the event.

Tasmania could see themselves included in future World Series Wrestling events, and many other touring parties now that this stadium has been approved. Melbourne’s Docklands stadium also known as Marvel Stadium has previously held a World Wrestling Entertainment show, and many other touring events over the years.

Despite some locals thinking that the stadium at Macquarie Point could be a financial disaster for the state, there is a very positive outlook for the state with so many big events that could be attracted to the brand-new multipurpose stadium in Hobart.

Tasmania’s economy will benefit greatly from having such a venue in the heart of the city, with many of the café’s, restaurants and many other avenues of shopping plus an addition of a ferry. While everyone is upset that Tasmania has a stadium and not housing, and other things the stadium will bring in the money to be able to afford the things they’re protesting about. It will take a bit of time to get used to seeing this stadium near Hobart’s waterfront, but the benefits outweigh the negatives.

It’s Tasmania’s time to shine, Tasmania’s time to be included in the world’s best entertainment, sporting events and much more in the future. Wrestling could really begin to also shine in Tasmania once the new stadium is in place.

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