“Tell Me When I’m Telling Lies”, CM Punk Returns To AEW

AEW Collision kicked off at 10am Sunday morning (AEST) from Chicago with CM Punk’s return to the company. CM Punk addressed those fans who think that he owes anyone an apology. He then said that he’s sorry that the wrestlers they like are softer than he is.

CM Punk then held a red bag in the center of the ring, one that had the AEW World Title in it. He said that the last time he was in the ring, he held what was in that bag above his head, and nobody has taken it from him.

Punk then said that until someone can pin him, he will keep that title. He also had his wrestling boots in his hands. He said that he’s not putting his boots in the middle of the ring, but he did mock those who wished he would.

CM Punk is back in AEW, and he’s not apologizing. As he left, Punk looked at the camera and said that he didn’t come to AEW to become a star, because “I am a star.”

CMFTR defeated Bullet Club Gold & Samoa Joe in the main event.

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