Spotlight On Roman Reigns & MJF

By: Rhys

Roman Reigns

Where does WWE go now with Roman Reigns and the Universal Championship? After defeating Cody Rhodes, with the help of his cousins, at WrestleMania 39, and then briefly turning his attention to the Undisputed Tag Team Champions with Solo Sikoa  at Night of Champions (albeit in a losing effort), we’re left without a Number 1 Contender. So, what now? Roman has been on top for over 1000 days, and counting. Who should topple him? Cody should stay away for the next few months, maybe even until Mania 40. What about Jimmy? Jey? The rivalry with Main Event Jey is what sparked the whole Bloodline storyline to begin with, so, seeing it come full circle with Jey ending the historic reign would be amazing. Could we finally see the rumoured Roman vs Rock match?

Could we see the winner of the upcoming Money in the Bank ladder match best Roman? Whoever does finally end the reign and becomes the new Universal Champion will be a made man and cement himself as a main eventer for life.


MJF, MJF, MJF. He had the potential to be the guy. He really did. He has the mic skills, he had the look, he has the charisma. He had the bargaining chip to start the bidding war for his contract when it expired…. then he became the AEW World Champion. That was the spotlight that shone the negatives aspects that is the main event run of MJF. It has exposed MJF as the upper mid carder he was destined to be. Or has he been the victim of poor booking on Tony Khan’s part? MJF has only had 3 matches in 2023. That’s 2 less than Brock Lesnar, 1 less than Roman Reigns, 2 guys who have been at the mountain to for years and have earned the right to be part timers.

MJF hasn’t reached that yet. But, which direction could he go in to redeem this run? The 4 Pillars match at Double or Nothing started off slow, and, in my opinion, was the worst of MJFs title defence’s to date. With AEW Collision coming up soon, could we see a continuation of MJF vs Punk (after the rumoured Punk vs Jay White story)? Could we see Jay White claim the title? I, for one, am curious to see what Tony Khan has planned for the future.

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