The Jay Law Report – My Guide To NSW Wrestling

By: Jay Law

Go to the wrestling show!

I have seen professional wrestling come a very long way over the last 20 years and I strongly encourage everyone to get out to the shows. Wrestling in NSW is starting to prove itself as world class! Back when I started in 2003 the only person anyone would talk about that made it in pro wrestling was Nathen Jones and he didn’t come from the local scene he was a Giant who WWE discovered from what seemed like out of nowhere.

So many wrestlers have made it from the Aussie wrestling scene. It is becoming difficult to turn on a major organizations product without seeing it full of Aussie wrestlers, which is amazing! For each one that made it to the big leagues there is 10 that haven’t and are just wanting more eyeballs on the local product.

The other great thing is a lot of those that have made it still work local shows along with more promotions bringing in more international talent then ever before. Even better than that promotions like New Japan are running shows within Australia. So hopefully if you are still reading this you want to check out a show but what’s out there in NSW now?

First Step is check out as they have many show ads and articles about Aussie Wrestling.


Most people would say PWA is the leading promotion in NSW now and run very high-quality shows with fantastic production and talent in Sydney and surrounding areas.

All Star Wrestling

This promotion has been around for 5 years now and in the last 2 years is strongly gaining momentum with great talent continuing to get involved running regular shows at Padstow.

Newcastle Pro Wrestling

My personal favourite and always high-quality production and talent standards with a great atmosphere. Running shows in Newcastle city and soon to add a show on the Central Coast area.

Rock N Roll Wollongong

Family entertainment and a good time for all, running regular shows at the Diggers Club in central Wollongong.

IWA Wrestling

The longest running promotion in NSW running shows in both Metro and Regional Areas.


Lots of wrestling talent and international visitors, running shows in the Sydney area and can be streamed on fitetv.

Wrestle Strong Dojo

Lead by wrestling veteran Dean Draven and Amy Action, a crew of young lions running shows in the Penrith area and beyond.

Lots more promotions in the NSW wrestling landscape and great talent across the scene, this is only about half of the promotions. Keep an eye out, check it out and you will have a great night of affordable and exciting entertainment.

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