Vale “Superstar” Billy Graham

After a valiant battle with illness since the start of the year, “Superstar” Billy Graham passed away in hospital on May 17th, aged 79. Graham had been admitted in January for an ear infection that spread to his skull, and was also being treated for numerous health issues that included acute kidney failure, congestive heart failure, diabetes, and hearing loss. He had been on life support during his final days.

Graham became a member of the Graham Family in the early 70s, training under Stu Hart in Calgary and Dr. Jerry Graham in Florida. He would defeat Bruno Sammartino in 1977 and put an end to his 2nd reign as WWWF Heavyweight Champion, which Bruno held for 3 years and 4 months at that point. Other notable members of the Graham Family include the aforementioned Dr. Jerry Graham, Championship Wrestling From Florida promotor Eddie Graham his son, Mike Graham.

Many have stated that without Graham’s revolutionary influence as a promo artist and physical specimen, the Professional Wrestling industry would be vastly different to the one we know and love today. We here at Pro Wrestling Downunder bid farewell to “Superstar” Billy Graham.

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