JK Moody Issues Challenge To Australia

New Zealand’s JK Moody has issued an open challenge for an Australian wrestler to show up at SPW Southern Rumble on July 29. At Battle Lines on May 6 the former Southern Pro Wrestling New Zealand Heavyweight Champion took to the mic after defeating Tee Hawke.

“I am the best professional wrestler in New Zealand, bar none, bare none! Belt or no belt, doesn’t matter, no one gets it done like I do when the bell rings. The thing is I’ve kind of done it all. So what I’m after now is, legacy.”

“My goal has always been the same, it is to bring world class professional wrestling to SPW. So on July the 29th when all you fine people fill this place out, it’s going to be me against the very best in Australia.”

“This is an open challenge! To anybody in Australia. You think you’re bad enough to step to the best professional wrestler in New Zealand? Good luck, I’ll see you at the Southern Rumble.”

SPW Southern Rumble will be available on ‘SPW On Demand’ after the event.

Southern Pro Wrestling, ‘Wrestling on the Edge of the World’ was born and is based out of Invercargill, New Zealand.

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