R.I.P Miami

Pro Wrestling Downunder are saddened to hear the passing of Kristen Mitchell “Miami”. Miami competed predominantly for Adelaide based Riot City Wrestling from 2008 through to 2014. Known as “The Party Starter” within Australian wrestling Kristen would move into behind the scenes roles with Melbourne City Wrestling and as a trainer at the MCW Academy.

PWdownunder.com managed to track down an interview with Miami conducted by bronco-busters.com in May of 2020 (full interview will be posted soon). Miami was asked if she would change anything about the way her wrestling career ended and what impact being involved with the MCW academy had on your life.

“No, I decided to give up in-ring wrestling when I started working at a gym. I quickly figured out that I couldn’t show up to work everyday with bruises, soreness and injuries, so I decided to stop. I felt really content with my decision. I had already wrestled all of the people I wanted to and felt there was nothing left for me to do at the time.”

“I don’t see my career as ending. I’m still involved in the business. Even though I’m no longer wrestling, I still work for both MCW and the MCW Academy.”

On the MCW Academy..

“Since opening the MCW Academy in August 2018, my passion for pro wrestling has been higher than ever before! I love being there – I love seeing these kids grow week-by-week and progress to their first matches. I feel like a proud Mumma Bear.”

Australian wrestling personalities, friends and promotions took to facebook to pay tribute and show their love for Kristen.

“Another one of the legit good ones in this industry taken way too soon. Such an amazingly positive individual and one of the nicest people you could ever meet. My thoughts and prayers go out to James and to her family and friends. Rest in Peace Kristen. Thankyou Miami.” Tass Tokatlidis

“Just heard the news. Wtf. An absolutely beautiful human. You’ll be missed K”Cory Lockwood

Australian Wrestling is saddened by the loss of Kristen Mitchell aka Miami. The impression she has left on the industry both from her work in ring and behind the scenes on the future of the business is immeasurable and she will be missed deeply by all of those who ever had the privilege of knowing and working with. Her kind heart and bubbly positive attitude are how we will all remember her and the world is a less brighter place today because of this loss.

Our condolences go out to all of her family and friends during this time.

Rest in Peace Kirsten and thank you for being you.”Wrestle Radio Australia/Todd Eastman

“Kristen words can’t explain how integral you were to my early development as a wrestler. From day one you welcomed me with open arms with a huge smile on your face.

It made things a lot easier going to the MCW Academy knowing that I would be greeted with your infectious smile and genuine care for all. You were the heart of the Academy and you always will be forever.

I can never repay you enough for how much you believed in me and the selfless help you gave to me and many others. Thank you for tanning me after training when you had no reason to but just did it out of sheer compassion, I’ll always cherish those moments. You and James were always so inspiring to me and I only hope to have a relationship one day like yours.

Thank you for trusting me and for allowing me to train you. You were one of my first clients and I’ll always appreciate you for that.

You gave me this journal with such a heartfelt message I told myself I’d never write in it. Those words mean the world to me and I’ll never forget them…

May your smile light up heaven, Rest In Peace.” – Anthony Cavallaro

“Kristen, outside of the ring was one of the sweetest and loveliest people that I ever had the privilege of knowing. She was the type of person that if you got to meet or know her, your life was better for it.

Miami, inside the ring filled with charisma and knowledge. Seeing her switch between subtle and overt reactions was always eye opening to me of how tremendous of a wrestler and performer she was. A real treat for anyone that watched her but sharing the experience with her was truly special.

Rest peacefully Kristen. Thank you for being a part of my life in the way that you were, I can never express how much our work together and knowing you meant to me.” Locky Hendricks

“We at Riot City Wrestling are saddened by the passing of Kristen Mitchell, better known to RCW fans as Miami. Kristen was a firey competitor in the RCW Women’s Divison under the moniker of the “Party Starter” and was a part of many fantastic battles for Riot City Wrestling from 2008 to 2014.

Her contributions to the early years of RCW will continue to be celebrated.

We wish our sincere condolences to her family, friends and fans.”Riot City Wrestling

Miami with trainees at the MCWA 2019
Miami in ring with KC Cassidy (formally WWE’s Peyton Royce)
Miami with trainees at the MCWA 2019
Miami delivers a headlock to Toni Storm

PWdownunder.com send our condolences to Kristen’s family and friends.

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