Mercedes Mone Loses IWGP Women’s Championship

Since becoming only the second woman to hold the brand new IWGP Women’s Championship, Mercedes Mone has become one of the most talked about talents in professional wrestling.

Having defeated inaugural champion KAIRI in February, Mone defended the title once during her 64 day reign. A triple threat match with Mone defending against challengers AZM and Hazuki in Tokyo just 3 weeks ago as of time of writing. Immediately after Mone’s first defence of the belt, the champion was challenged to a match by Mayu Iwatani, which was set for Stardom’s All Star Grand Queendom event on April 23rd.

Iwatani took control of the match early on, attacking Mone and knocking her to the floor at ringside. Despite Mone’s best efforts, Iwatani hit a Tombstone Piledriver and a two-step Dragon before pinning Mone for the victory, ending Mone’s reign.

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