The Jay Law Report – Heroes of NSW, JT Robinson

Heroes of NSW Pro-Wrestling – Part 1, JT Robinson

The independent wrestling scene takes many hands to stay afloat, this can include wrestlers, promoters, volunteers and fans. I plan to highlight some of the heroes in NSW pro wrestling.

JT Robinson has done so much for so many people behind the scenes in NSW and has been involved since the 90’s through all the ups and downs and all the crazy trends. He has seen and supported many that have come and gone. I can see JT Robinson’s body is beaten up from years of wrestling, but he is still as passionate as ever!

On the surface JT is a shit stirrer and a practical joker but if you measure a man’s commitment by their actions it is apparent that JT has influenced and helped pick up pro wrestling in NSW for many years. As a young wrestler I can recall JT Robinson cover classes when the head trainer couldn’t attend, storing a full size wrestling ring in his Garage, helping me get some of my initial bookings and having conversations to help me get paid when I was to young and naive to ask. He did this not just for me but for many other wrestlers that he could see carried the right attitude and talent to make a positive impact to the wrestling scene.

For the AWF to reach its heights in the early and Mid-2000’s took many people and JT Robinson was a major piece of that puzzle. I started a wrestling concept show called ‘Blast Wrestling’ in 2010, which was mascot costume wrestling which I will write more on another time… JT Robinson dressed up in a frog costume named Anton and wrestled. He connected me to a large roller derby event where Blast wrestling performed the half time entertainment. He taught me how to register a business, pay taxes and helped me gain an understanding of what was required, lessons I carried on later in life when I started the successful ‘Australian Pro Wrestling Gym’.

I have seen countless shows struggle to fill a card and then JT calls around and makes the show a success. JT Robinson is the right-hand man, the wise man to many of the shows, schools, and talents success in New South Wales. JT has played a role in almost every promotion in NSW in the last 2 decades and can always be counted on when the chips are down to help pick people back up.

JT Robinson has always quoted the quote “leave it better then we found it” I know JT has highly contributed to making the Australian Wrestling scene the best it has ever been, the scene is hot right now and Aussie Wrestling has proved itself as WORLD CLASS talent in recent years.

I encourage everyone to get out and enjoy the action.

Me wrestling JT Robinson at Newcastle Pro Wrestling
No escape for JT – Newy Pro 2018
Blast wrestling poster featuring Anton

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