SA: Wrestle Rampage Simply The Best, May 6

Cosgrove Hall (Clovelly Park, SA)

May 6, 2023

The Australian National Champion ‘The Sauce God’ Corndog called for a talent within Wrestle Rampage to put on a performance worthy of a champion at Bad Moon Rising.

Rising to the occasion was the most beautiful former Australian National Champion in history, Gorgeous Greg. Will the flamboyant Gorgeous Greg prove that he’s ‘Simply the best’ once more?

When the Bad Moon rose ‘The Empress of Darkness’ Amber and ‘The Darkest Soul’ Robby Heart left into the night as the NEW Australian National Tag Team Champions. Wrestle

Rampage haven’t heard from the mysterious duo since their big win.

What will the fallout be when their rivals Havok, Link Barnett, Punch-Drunk Istria & Joey Graham return on May 6th?

Rivalries within Wrestle Rampage are heating up as 2023 progresses, don’t miss out on the high flying, hard hitting, professional wrestling action from top talent from around Australia!

Licensed bar, canteen and merchandise available

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