Brodie Marshall On Current Aussie Wrestling, TV Deal & RCW/WR

Speaking on ‘Shooting The Shit Uncensored’ with Piers Austin, former Riot City Wrestling champion ‘Big’ Brodie Marshall spoke about current state of Australian wrestling, RCW and Wrestle Rampage working together, the physicality of wrestling, and if Australian wrestling will ever see a national TV deal.

Brodie on the possibility of Australian wrestling being broadcast on Australian television..

“Television yes, live touring not so much. Australia is too big and there’s too much money involved. Putting World Series Wrestling together gives you a perspective of how much money is actually involved in putting these shows together. I think Television and I wouldn’t be surprised if its too far away, it would be very achievable. Just getting people to become household names is a huge step, once again I think we got the talent, not just in-ring talent but psychological talent, production talent, commentary teams around Australia are bloody great. I think we have the talent here in this country to make it happen.”

Marshall on people not understanding the physicality of wrestling..

“Until you’ve been out there and physically done it, it’s not as easy as you think it is. I think people think all of its fake and nothing hurts, it f*#king hurts! My neck is f**ked because of it. Go out there if you’ve never wrestled before and just run the ropes, see how you feel after running the ropes 5 times, you’ll feel like chucking up.

Your body needs to get conditioned to this stuff and yes your body does get conditioned, that’s why we train so bloody much.”

Marshall on the possibility of Riot City Wrestling and Wrestle Rampage holding a combined event..

“If you’d asked my 10 years ago absolutely no f*#king way. Today, it could happen. The relationships have changed for the better, we’re using talent on both feds now which is really really good. I think it could happen, once again I think it’s a lot about dropping the ego and all that sort of shit.

Brodie on the current state of Aussie wrestling..

“The wrestling scene in Australia feels really positive right now. I think the No.1 fed in Australia at the moment is PWA, I think they’re absolutely killing it. I know Jack Bonza has really helped changed that place, not that it wasn’t great before but its really stepped up to another level. There was a time there where Riot City was no.1, there was a time there where MCW was number one, it’s forever evolving and ever changing which is great for Australian wrestling.”

“Talent and creativity with in your group make and change that. I still don’t know why he’s still in Australia wrestling but Mick Moretti is just a genius. That bloke should be in America or Japan, or somewhere doing it. Robbie Eagles (travels) back and fourth, he’s an absolute superstar as well. Getting that recognition helps. Productions helps, PWA’s production and their promos and stuff like that is up their with the best in the world. We do stuff at RCW which is great as well but PWA is next level. “

“PWA, MCW, Riot City Wrestling, Wrestle Rampage, you’ve got some really good f*#king talent here and good federations, EPW in Perth. It’s just a matter of getting it out there. We’re getting more recognition then we ever have, look at the amount of Australians in WWE at the moment. Not that it should be a factor, it is somewhat of a tell tail sign. Our talent pool here I think is very underrated worldwide.”

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