Aussie Wrestle Recap – w/e April 2nd


‘The Grandest Stage of Them All’ has a way of hyping up wrestling worldwide and Australia is no different with some of the country’s brightest stars stealing some of the attention just before Wrestlemania 39. The country’s capital flexed ‘Top Shelf’ championship action and New South Wales saw an anniversary show. Let’s break down this week’s Aussie Wrestle Recap.

SLAM! Pro Wrestling League absolutely blew the roof off of the Ainslie Football Club in Canberra. The night was packed, with returns, debuts, grudge matches and main event championship action all keeping fans off their seats. SLAM! continues to establish itself as Canberra’s premier wrestling promotion,

The night kicked off with the return of a national favorite, Dazza made his return to SLAM! against a motivated Dan Archer and the night would start on a high as ‘The Bogan Hogan would secure the win against Archer to the delight of the SLAM! faithful.

Gymbro Jessie made an impactful debut, defeating Albie Anne Troska, in the process proving herself a top contender in the women’s division as we approach the crowning of the inaugural SLAM! Women’s Champion.

Business is booming as Slex clutches a win against ‘The Hooligan’ Vinnie Bronson despite attempted interference from HIT104.7. The Slexecution continues to level all competitors.

Returning from intermission the fans would get to see tag team action. The popular duo The Greasers (Robbie Zucco & Tristan Slade) stood toe to toe against The Prehistoric Conquerors (Caveman Ugg & Jengis Kong). Robbie and Tristan would start strong but the early advantage would not be enough to beat the raw power of Ugg and Kong.

‘The Bogan Warrior’ Crofty faced off against ‘Tuff Stuff’ Ricky South in a highly anticipated grudge match and would shake the Ainslie Football Club with a heavy ‘Dole Cheque’ Piledriver to secure the victory and jump to the top of the SLAM! power rankings, earning himself a SLAM! Heavyweight Championship opportunity.
The main event of the evening would see SLAM! Rumble winner Luke Watts get his shot at Mickey Broderick’s SLAM! Heavyweight Title. This was a contest destined to etch itself into history and it did not disappoint… until the closing moments when the the ‘Top Shelf Champion’ leveraged the ropes to pin ‘The Hope From the Top Rope’ much to the dismay of the fans, he would solidify his betrayal of the fans by attacking Watts with the belt post-match.

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Looking up to New South Wales, where All-Star Wrestling Australia held its 5th Anniversary Show. New Champions emerged, contenders were found and fans were treated to a night filled with All-Star class wrestling.

To open the night, Grant Linstrom defeated Bee Boy and Xander Sullivan to become the number 1 contender to the Eastern States Title.

The Eastern States Championship was then suspended high above the ring, to be contested in a ladder match between bitter rivals; champion Jack Dullahan and challenger Aries. As expected the match was brutal beyond comprehension and fans were on the edge of their seats until the very end, when Aries would ascend a ladder and claim the Eastern States Championship after months of viciously feuding with Dullahan.

After only just winning the title at ASWA’s previous show, Shazza McKenzie would relinquish to pursue career opportunities in the USA, opting to pass the title on to a mystery woman who would reveal herself as Queenslands ‘Handsome’ Billie Mac. an incensed Jasmin Brettle would goad the new champion into an impromptu title match that would eventually be declared a no contest via double countout.

Hell Yeah and Keegan Brettle would enter the ring to defend the All-Star Tag Team Championships against former champions Without Warning (Morgan Rose & Otis). The Champions would put up a valiant effort but fall short, allowing Without Warning to become the first two-time All-Star Tag Team Champions.

The All-Star Wrestling Heavyweight Championship was defended in the main event of the evening with champion Ryan Eagles defending against a fired-up Wes Williams. Wes, with the backing of the fans, put up an excellent showing but would not be able to overcome the dirty numbers tactics of Eagles and Without Warning.

Australia is always looking to assert itself as a top-level player in the world of wrestling and both SLAM! And All-Star kept the mission alive this past weekend but it doesn’t end now. The rest of the month is frothing with wrestling action nation-wide, so make sure to like and follow your locals and get in among the action and as always, stay connected with the latest in Australian pro wrestling at

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