Tuesday Morning Raw Review – 28/03/2023

Hi guys, Sam here for the Raw Review. Solid wrestling with nothing really making me hyped for Mania.

Segment 1 – Promo

Its Miz TV with guests Becky Lynch, Trish Stratus and Lita. They are then interrupted by Damage Ctrl who say that fighting these three was a dream match, now it’s a different kind of dream. Becky states that the only place that this rivalry can end is at Wrestlemania.

Segment 2 – Match

Its Becky Lynch vs Iyo Sky. Becky Lynch beats Iyo Sky after Sky misses a moonsault and Lynch rolls her up. Iyo needs to turn babyface at some point, and put Tegan Nox in Damage Ctrl.

Segment 3 – Promo/ Match

Backstage Ali tries to amp up Seth Rollins, Rollins responds by setting up a match between himself and Ali. We now go to the ring for the match between Rollins and Ali. Rollins beats Ali with two stomps. Ali with some great character work by trying to get Rollins to not just charge in on Logan Paul.

Segment 4 – Promo

Baron Corbin is having a moan to Adam Pearce. Chelsea Green demands to be in the showcase match. She don’t have a partner, and then she brings out Sonya Deville. He then announces the two of them will go up against Mia Yim and Candice Lerae.

Segment 5 – Promo

Yay it’s the weigh in. Omos weighs in but Lesnar doesn’t. Lesnar tries to get Omos but Omos gives him a boot and off he goes. Gosh this segment was duller then paint. Sorry guys but Omos is just meh.

Segment 6 – Match

Balor is bring the Demon for Mania, hell yeah. In the ring we have a match between the street profits, Ricochet and Braun Strowman vs Alpha Academy and the Viking Raiders. The babyfaces win the match after Montez Ford does an ungodly high frog splash on Ivar. Post Match another promo from Cody Rhodes about Solo Sikoa. Then we get a Goodfellas parody from the Bloodline and its very amusing.

Segment 7 – Promo

Austin Theory is performing in front of no one haha. He is taunting Cena, nah this is ridiculous.

Segment 8 – Match

Time for Deville and Green vs Lerae and Yim. Lerae and Yim becoming a team, ok. Also Stacy Keibler is going into the Hall of Fame. Green and Deville win after an unprettier on Mia Yim.

Segment 9 – Promo/ Match

Paul Heyman backstage hyping up Solo Sikoa for his match with Rhodes in the main event. In the ring Dominick wishing that Eddie was his real father and Rey didn’t exist. Damn the kid is getting booed out of the building. Out come Rey for his match with Damian Priest. Dominic casually causing a DQ win for his Dad, what a good kid. Problem is he is beating up his dad, but Legado Del Fantasma make the save. Man Judgement Day are hated by everyone. Backstage people are looking to see if they are in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. Elias says he is locked to win it when he surrounded by Lumis, Reed and Lashley haha.

Segment 10 – Match

Out comes Imperium for Gunthers match against Ziggler. That wasn’t a match that was a murder, damn Gunther is great. Gunther won guys, pretty obviously.

Segment 11 – Match

Its main event time and its Cody Rhodes vs Solo Sikoa. Cody is about win but the Usos come out to help Solo Sikoa. Out comes Zayn and Owens to chase off the Usos. Cody Rhodes beats Solo Sikoa with a Cross Rhodes. Wish someone else would have given Solo Sikoa his first loss but hey not bad.

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