Shazza McKenzie Relocates To The United States

After several trips to America over the years wrestling on the independent scene, appearing on WWE NXT and AEW, Aussie veteran wrestler Shazza McKenzie has decided to permanently relocate to the United States.

The former PWWA Champion and recently dethroned Renegades of Wrestling Women’s champion shared the following on Facebook..

“I’ve left my job and my entire life behind to move by myself to the other side of the world today.”

“It’s scary and overwhelming but if you’ve spoken to me for more than 5mins in the past 15 years you’d know this is all I ever wanted and it took a lot of work to do this completely independently.”

McKenzie has also released a vignette style video promoting her move to America, entitled “Bet On Yourself” McKenzie goes on to say…

“We hear it all the time in professional wrestling but what does it really mean? Is it time away from your friends and relationships as you do the drives and make the towns? Or is it working yourself into the ground, the extra shifts so you can make the money so you can pay for the tryouts, the seminars to be in front of the right people at the right time? For your big break.”

American promoters can contact Shazza McKenzie at

1 thought on “Shazza McKenzie Relocates To The United States

  1. Good to see, hopefully she will be signed. I think she could do some things with Impact rather than AEW.

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