Aussie Wrestling Weekend Recap – ROW, Wide Bay, Suplex & PWSA

By Tristan. (March 17 – 19)

The last week in the Australian Pro Wrestling scene has been packed to the brim with action,
with cards all over the country, there was something for everyone this past week. Let’s break it
down, in case you missed it.

The weekend started on Friday in Melbourne when we saw “The Return of the Renegades”. We
saw powerhouses battle in a Falls Count Anywhere match, a ROW Heavyweight Title Street
Fight and the crowning of a new champion. It was indeed a triumphant return for Renegades of

● DELTA picked up the win in a brutal Falls Count Anywhere match against Chanel
Phoenix, further staking her claim as one of the best of the south.

● The ROW Heavyweight Championship was defended in a Swanston Street Fight
between challenger Matt Hayter and Champion Rat Daddy, who retained to win the main
event of the night.

● Caveman Ugg conquered Anth Cava and Hector jones in a triple threat contest to
become the new #1 contender. Look out Rat Daddy.

● Aysha grips gold! Defeating Shazza McKenzie to secure the Renegades of Wrestling
Women’s Championship.

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On Saturday Queensland was ready to Fight Back when Wide Bay Pro Wrestling pulled up to
the Brolga Theatre. The card included a five man contest, grudge matches, the return of a fan
favourite and epic title matches.

● James Jager picked up an important win against state-wide rival Logan Pearce.

● Craven returned to WBPW to take on Roberto Puccino, a mostly valiant effort from
Roberto showed the audience why he’s a former champion but wasn’t enough to steal
the victory from the fan favourite. Not HUZZAH!

● Tidal brought their Wide Bay Pro Wrestling Tag Team Toy… I mean… Championship
Belts to the ring ready to defend against anyone, the team of Rip Rielly and JJ Avary
stepped up but to no avail.

● It was a controversial finish for the five man match as the ref declared a double pin for
Zeke Andino and Bojack,
● Chook Slaydah was able to retain the Bruteforce Championship against Chad Atlas.

● The Interstate Championship was on the line as Dick Riggs defended against Solomun
Blakcwell, the style clash was a delight for fans with a happy ending as Riggs defeated
Solomun to retain.

● In the night’s main event, the Harrison Pearce State Cup winner Tim Hayden got his shot
at the Wide Bay Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship and Bobby Bishop. “The Cult
Classic” Bishop put up a fight and then some against Hayden’s numbers advantage
courtesy of Todd Eastman, Mitch Ryder and Solomun Blackwell, but it wasn’t enough
and Top Tier secured the Top gold in Wide Bay for Tim Hayden.

Tim Hayden receives the Wide Bay Heavyweight Championship

The East Coast also saw plenty of action on Saturday when Suplex Pro Wrestling hosted
Chapter 37: AYYY WE WANT SOME CJ!.

● There’s a new force to be reckoned with in Suplex as The Shewolf Leto aligns with Jake
Gibson and Lyle Akins. Insurgency makes itself known at the expense of Gymbro Jessie.

● Doggy Style continue to cement themselves in the Suplex Tag Division, fending off
Sloppy Joe and Nate Carlo.

● The Suplex Streaming Championship was up for grabs in a ten man battle royal,
featuring a stacked field of competitors including rookies and vets alike and in the end it
was El Volante who stood alone, winning the Suplex Streaming Championship in the

● CJ Young teamed up with Benny the Backrower to take on Chris Stevens and Mat
Gauge, CJ and Benny would Pick up the win.

● Suplex Heavyweight Champion Logan Keane took on James Spade in what proved to
be a hellacious contest, sadly ending in a no contest as former champion XERO
interfered, attacking Logan and stealing the title before fleeing the venue.

There’s no other way to kick off autumn than with some MARCH MADNESS and that’s exactly
what Pro Wrestling South Australia had to offer in Adelaide.

● Party Powers put the PWSA Tag Team Titles on the line against Brett Santorini and
Reilly Right and the challengers would not waste their chance, beating Party Powers and
winning the PWSA Tag Team Titles

● The PWSA Adelaide Open Title was contested in a lumberjack match between
champion Kai Thorn and Colossus. The Champion would prevail and will reign another
● The PWSA Heavyweight Championship was on the line in a Loser Leaves PWSA match
between Acid Haze and Redshaw, the catalyst for the end of the rivalry between the two
‘Alpha Males’. After a brutally fought contest, the former champion Acid Haze would
become former no more after beating his year long rival and recapturing the PWSA
Heavyweight Title, sending Redshaw out of PWSA in the process.
Australian Wrestling has been busy this month and continues it’s hot streak, follow your local
and keep your eye on so you don’t miss a thing.

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