The Jay Law Report – Double Pounder Challenge!

Written By: Jay Law

Double Pounder Challenge!

(Apollo left, Danger Paul on the right)

8 patties, 8 slices of cheese and a crowd gathered to watch two eating machines go to war!

I am excited to start writing regular columns for and with my 20 years of experience in pro wrestling I have many stories, views, and observations that I’m looking forward to sharing.

After all these years I am still a big fan of Pro wrestling and Australian Pro wrestling, I think Australian pro wrestling is currently in an amazing spot, the scene is hot right now and I encourage everyone to get out and enjoy the action. Out of all the stories /columns I look forward to sharing, including winning championships, starting a training school, promoting shows, competing overseas and encounters with world famous wrestlers, along with thoughts / views of current shows. The one story I need to start with is the amazing Double pounder challenge between Danger Paul and Apollo!

Both men are muscle bound, shredded and quality pro wrestling athletes that can go in the ring. What started to become apparent outside of the ring was these two men had incredible appetites, demolishing family sized pizzas with ease. The conversations started between all the other wrestlers and show crew around who was the bigger eater?! And the question was asked to both men while they were sitting across from each other face two face from one another, who is the bigger eater?! The two of them started throwing out previous eating accomplishments with a sense of pride in their voice, some of these claims to fame included KFC family buckets and McDonalds family sized meals. The conversation turned to a challenge, the Challenge!

Double pounder, 8 patties and 8 slices of cheese after the Blacktown show. The Blacktown show was in front of a sell out crowd and the main event was myself (Jay Law) and Dick Togo Vs ‘Iron’ Jay Ben Coles and Matt Theo, but the unforgettable event was after the show at McDonalds between Danger Paul and Apollo! Both Danger Paul and Apollo approach the counter ordering a double pounder, the lady serving was in shock! The receipt was long, with ‘add patties’ repeatedly. As both Danger Paul and Apollo sat down with the Double pounder burgers, in front of each of these warriors a crowd gathered that night in the Blacktown McDonalds stopping people immediately in there steps just at the sight of this enormous Burger.

Danger Paul with a look of danger and excitement in his eyes picked the burger up with both hands and did not stop as he was relentless in the pursuit to glory. Apollo was much more strategic and started to pull the burger apart to make the task both figuratively and literally bite size pieces, eating a patty with cheese one at a time. The crowd of wrestles, wrestling crew and people who were stopped in their tracks watched on with unbelievable excitement cheering on both men. Ultimately Danger Paul was hungrier for glory as he ate the entire 8 patties and 8 slices of cheese, he then decided to snack on some fries all while Apollo still struggled to finish the last bites of the double pounder which was never seen to be finished.

Following this, Danger Pauls hands looked like it was covered in scales of dried fat that had dripped out while eating the burger, it was a sight to be seen and a sight I will never forget.

I have a lot of great memories and times with people in my 20 years in pro wrestling and I hope that you can get a laugh an insight to the wacky world of professional wrestling through this column along with an understanding of some of the great people involved in Aussie Wrestling.

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