WrestleBrainia – Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Featuring talented comedians and wrestlers with heaps of humour, this show is unlike any other, WrestleBrania will take you on an amusing journey into the world of grapples and giggles. The fast-moving panel show, filled with games and witty humour including ‘Know Your Role’, ‘Man of 1004 Holds’ and ‘Lyrical Madness’ is guaranteed to leave you laughing.

WrestleBrainia is an immersive, comedy experience in itself. It offers a unique and fun take on professional wrestling, wrestling fandom and wrestling culture. Whether you are a die-hard, lapsed or new wrestling fan, there is something for you. The show finds the humor and absurdity of wrestling, guaranteeing plenty of laughs and providing an unforgettable experience.

“WrestleBrainia is a great show for fans of wrestling to be able to connect and laugh”Brose Avard

WrestleBrainia is not a comedy show where you have to hide in the corner, it welcomes the audience to be involved, loud and silly as the crazy battle for victory plays out.

“ WrestleBrainia is a fun and fast-moving comedy wrestling game show. Two teams of wrestlers and comedians compete in a series of rounds; answering questions, playing games and trying to out-smart each other. Every show is different, some fans of WrestleBrainia come to every show we do.”Geoff Setty 

There’s also a chance to meet, and maybe even get a selfie, with your favorite, local wrestler. You will also recognise some familiar faces; including Rove McManus who will be featured on WrestleBrainia on April 2nd.


“This is a panel and quiz show that is beyond being a pure supplement; it’s a dedicated and chaotically cheerful celebration of the art of wrestling, delivered with an unrelenting passion, unbridled verbal wit, and a heck of a lot of fun – all at a reasonable price.” 

The Plus Ones

“Don’t let the ‘wrestle’ part put you off, this show is far funnier and stupider than play-fighting in spandex.” On the Turnbuckle


April 2nd JXT vs Fresh Melbourne International Comedy Festival ft.Rove McManus

April 16  Tag Team Day: The Handsome Hunks vs The Ambush Melbourne International Comedy Festival

April 23  Drunk Uncle Beej vs Lochy Hendricks Melbourne International Comedy Festival

WrestleBrainia starts April 2nd

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