My Top 10 QLD Wrestlers – Mason “Australian Wolf” Childs

By: Mason Childs

Top 10 Qld Wrestlers.

Welcome to my second column!

I was asked to talk about my top ten Queensland wrestlers that I’ve seen and wrestled throughout my career, and it was very damn hard to do! Heck, I could’ve almost done a top 50!

But here is the criteria I came up with:

Firstly, I had to have wrestled them. There are so many amazing talents that I’m yet to wrestle, like Mitch Ryder, Zeke Andino, Charlie D, Bobby Bishop, Rip Rielly, Solomon Blackwell, Yeet Stevens, Tim Hayden and many many more.

Secondly, I had to be objective and put my personal feelings aside for a few people. I’m learning that the past is the past and I’m doing my best to leave as much there as I can.

And lastly, I put quite a few people into context against people I have faced recently to see where they’d rate had their opportunities and circumstances been a bit more favourable.

1. Seoul

When anyone would say “Mason Childs” it was always synonymous with “Seoul”. Some of my best matches as either Mason or Aussie Wolf were against Seoul and I am thankful for every stiff kick, every short sighted forearm and finisher exchanges we did. So for those reasons, Seoul is head and shoulders my number pic for best Queensland wrestler and it’s just a huge shame he never got a chance to show his credentials outside local Queensland groups. He could’ve easily been Australia’s Hayato Fujita Jr or Kenoh.

With Seoul

2. Mark Davis

I told myself I’d be impartial with personal opinions on this list, which is why I have Davis rated so highly. Davis went from a flabby kid with a mullet, to a world recognised tag team wrestler, which truly shows how great he is in the ring.

3. AJ Istria

Whether he likes to admit it or not, Istria is a Queenslander and one of the best going. I rate Istria this highly simply for a main event we had at Pacific Pro back in the day, which I doubt many Queensland shows in the last however long have had a main event of that standard.

4. BJ/James

Blade My original trainer and inspiration early on. To be honest, there weren’t that many guys in Queensland doing what BJ Blade was doing in 2001, so to see him live was always amazing, and then when I debuted he took me under his wing and he became my very first mentor. Over the years we’ve had our ups and downs, smiles and frowns, and like Seoul, I feel he was a victim of the times in Aussie wrestling, never really getting a chance to showcase himself on a stage that he deserved. BJ, if you’re reading this, thank you from the bottom of my bald headed heart!

5. Tim Kade

A guy who could do anything in the ring. It’s a shame that a few choices he made closed doors for him, cause I would always tell him he could be Impact Wrestling X Division Champ. I’ve had almost as many of my best matches with Tim as I did with Seoul, and I miss our friendship dearly.

6. Koi Bombora

My tag partner for many years as part of the “Wolves of the Sea”, we wrestled some truly forgotten classics, against the like of ‘Jag’ Hartley Jackson and Harry ‘Havok’ Mills, The Renegades, AJ Istria and Rufio and many many more. One of my top trainees, I love seeing his adventures as he travels the world.

Koi Bombora w/Australian Wolf

7. Tommy Asguard

The potential this giant possesses is immeasurable! The ace of my third QWA Dojo Class, Tommy has been an incredible heavyweight champion and absorbed every bit of advice and training I’ve ever given him.

8. Choff and Karlos Aries

I had to put these two together, as their potential truly SHOULD’VE gotten signed to NXT. Both shredded natural athletes, both could go in the ring like true professionals and with outside training, could’ve been on par or better than any of the guys overseas currently. In saying that, both have moved on to become amazing husbands and even better fathers to their kids. Two truly great people, which you don’t find very often in Townsville anymore!

9. Rufio

One of the last guys I helped train in Brisbane before I moved North, we had some cracker matches in our time, including the first ever Tasmanian Championship Wrestling match, which I got one of my biggest pops in, for a headlock takedown!

10. His Royal Tenis and Tower of Power

Again, two guys who should’ve become tag team masters in Australia. They were both so easy to work with, even if they’d gas out and sweat all over you! PS, Tower can I please have my OG Japan Mad Dog Club shirt back?!

Honourable Mentions..

Obie Cartel

Obie was always great, so smooth and easy to work with, then he went to Canada and became great. Obie was be of the first Queensland wrestlers to focus on his gym work as well as his wrestling and is always in great shape. Deserves way more credit than he gets!

Josh Haze

A man who got lost in the shuffle after things went south in Brisbane. He could do any training drill, worked damn hard and always tried to improve. A true “what could’ve been” for me.

Combat Wombat

A guy who understood who he was and where he was at. He came through as part of my first Grindhouse Wrestling group and he took the ball and ran with it! Even though he only occasionally wrestles now, he can easily be the most over guy on a show.

Steve Moore

A relative unknown before he went to the UK to learn his craft, Steve came back at a time when Queensland Wrestling was on a down turn. An absolute natural, we wrestled a 45 minute draw in front of about 25 people in Ipswich, which is still a match I hold highly.


My big little brother! At a legit 6’10, had he dedicated himself when he was younger he could’ve been. An amazing friend to this day, I was so happy I got to give him his “last” match after I got back from Japan and was truly in my prime.

EC Brownie

Another huge guy with a world of potential, and young enough to capitalise on it! At 6’4 and 125kg, he will definitely be a force to be reckoned with!

Thank you once again for reading my article, and thank you to all of the incredibly talented people I have been able to share the ring with in my 20 year plus career!

Any and all feedback is welcomed!

Australian Wolf vs AJ Istra – Pacific Pro Wrestling (May 21 2016)

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