Tuesday Morning RAW Review

Tuesday Morning Raw – 7/03/2023

Hi guys, Sam here for the Raw review, pretty good show with solid wrestling and good angles. Just wish that WWE didn’t make wrestlers just wait in the ring while a backstage segment was happening. The main highlight of the show was the Bloodline storyline and that bit with Jey Uso was so loud and so beautiful  and so heart-breaking. Also good to see something else happening in the women’s division other then Asuka and Belair, hopefully Cross, Niven and LeRae get something out of this. 

Segment one – Bloodline

Jimmy Uso, Solo Sikoa and Paul Heyman get out of a car. Paul hypes up Jimmy to solve the Sami Zayn problem once and for all. Paul then calls Roman Reigns

Segment two – Match

Out comes Kevin Owens for his match against Solo Sikoa. Owens immediately starts wailing on Sikoa before the bell is rung. Immediately it turns into a brawl. Lovely spin kick from Solo to take down Owens. Clubbing blows from Owens and eventually Solo goes down and the crowd are loving it. Out comes Jimmy Uso for a distraction which allows Solo to slam Owens. Solo smacks Owens into the barricade. Back from the break, Solo has got Owens up for a suplex but Owens fights out but is scooped up for a Samoan Drop. Solo hits the turnbuckle then Owens DDTs Solo. Stunner countered but Owens hits Jimmy. Owens hits two superkicks and his a cannonball then a swanton. Jimmy Uso interferes and Owens wins by DQ. Crowd desperate for Sami Zayn to help his friend, but Jimmy and Solo setting up the announcer table. Here comes Zayn to wail on both Jimmy and Solo, going wild on both men and chases both of them with a chair. Zayn offers a handshake but Owens refuses which gets some good heat from the crowd.

Very good match from Owens and Sikoa, the post match angle was very well performed by all in involved. It really should be Zayn in the main event of Mania, not Cody because gosh he deserves it.

Segment 3 – Promo

Bobby Lashley says he tried to provoke Bray Wyatt, but instead is met by Uncle Howdy. He then questions if he can face him like a man. Immediately cuts to an interview with Carmella. Carmella is upset that Adam Pearce is booking a title match instead of a number one contenders match. Chelsea Green interrupts and says that once that match is finished they can speak to the manager. Green agrees to be in Carmella’s corner.

Segment 4 – Match

Out comes Bianca Belair with her spinning long hair. Man they took a break during Belair’s entrance, which means it went for like 5 minutes, the poor live crowd haha. Bianca starting strong, using her athleticism to get the upper hand. Carmella using the ropes to take control. After the break Carmella is in control with Bianca scooping her up and countered by Carmella. Carmella using Banca’s hair but Bianca hits Carmella with a back breaker. Chelsea Green distracts the ref so that Belair doesn’t win the match. So Carmella kicks her in the head for a near fall. Another distraction by Chelsea Green and Belair chucks her in the timekeepers area. Carmella uses this to roll up Belair but only gets a 2. Belair then hits a KOD and beats Carmella. Post match, Chelsea Green and Carmella beat down Bianca Belair. Asuka come out with no face makeup but spits blue mist to Chelsea Green. Asuka stares down Belair.

Segment 5 – Backstage

Owens and Zayn are backstage, Zayn tells Owens that the Bloodline is too much for one person and the only way to take them down is to do it together. Owens then reminds Zayn that he claimed to be in the bloodline and he doesn’t want to fight the Bloodline with Zayn. Zayn then walks away with a disappointed look.

Segment 6 – Promo

Out comes the Miz with his awesome song. His says he is going to moderate Rollins and Paul to prepare for hosting of Wrestlemania (good stuff). Paul throws shade towards the Miz by leaving him hanging (someone don’t forget). Seth Rollins comes out looking like a Colgate toothpaste package. Will never get tired of crowd singing a wrestlers theme.  Miz trying to shut up the crowd with Rollins denying the Miz more talking time. Paul telling the crowd to shut up for time limits and gets booed out of the building for that. Seth then mentions that him and Paul haven’t been formerly introduced. Crowd are not letting Logan Paul talk and not even reacting his stuff. Paul exclaiming that he is better Rollins in every way possible.  Seth says that while Logan Paul makes some good points, he doesn’t like him because he is scum of the Earth and that he don’t want him in his house. Rollins is now here for a fight that the Miz pre-emptively stops. Miz tries to stop the two but Paul is like Ill fight Rollins unless its paid and not in Boston, damn Paul. Rollins throws out the miz and the fight is on.

Great segment, Logan Paul is a fantastic heel. Wish he remembered that the Miz betrayed Logan Paul.

Segment 7 – Match

Out comes Omos the tall person. Out comes Dolph Ziggler the small man. Tall person will beat small man, probably. Good to know that Ali and the weirdos in the front row believe in the Dolph.  Omos beats Ziggler with crap Khali bomb.

Segment 8 – Backstage

Corbin comes up to Maximum Male Models to thank them for the compliment but it was meant for Otis. Maxine Dupri asks Corbin to take care of Chad Gable.

Segment 9

Here come the Judgement day and its for Finn Balor’s match with Johnny Gargano. But backstage Heyman is hyping up Jimmy to take out Sami Zayn. Paul mentions that if Jimmy doesn’t get his brother back into the Blooline, he will take the blame. Also poor Finn had to wait in the ring while that happened. Out comes Johnny Gargano with Dexter Lumis and his crap remix of rebel hearts. Some good back and forth between Balor and Gargano until we go to break. Back from the break we see Johnny kicking Finn in the chin. Spear by Gargano for a new fall. A bit more back and forth and Gargano gets Dom outside. Dropkick to Gargano to the corner and out comes Edge and pushes Finn off the top rope. A ddt to Finn and Gargano gets the win.

Segment 10 – Match

Out comes Nikkir Cross who legs it to the ring for her match on Piper Niven. Backstage, Edge challenges Finn to settle things. Back to the ring Nikki immediately starts attacking Piper Niven on the ropes. Bell rings and Cross does a nice crossbody. Despite starting well, Piper Niven wins with a weak looking slam. Backstage its Elias and Rick Boogs and Elias telling Boogs to tell Bronson Reed that he wants to fight him. Bronson Reed then calls out Elias because Boogs misinterpreted, nice bit of comedy.

Segment 11 – Promo

Out comes Cena time for some Wabadoo and the pop is insane for him. Now here comes Austin Theory with that god awful looking belt.  Theory says he has all the respect in the world for Cena and Cena was Theory’s inspiration to be a wrestler. He proposes a match between himself and Cena for the US title at Wrestlemania. Cena says “no” as he isn’t interested because he hasn’t earned the right to give it, damn. Cena claims that no one cares about Austin Theory because they don’t believe him. Cena calls Austin Theory his ruthless aggression, that he don’t have a soul. No better name then Austin Theory because he is a theory. In theory everyone should be here to see you, but we’re not hahahahaha. Some solid goading from Austin Theory. John Cena says that he said no to save Theory from the Raw after Mania crowd. Cena asks the crowd if he should accept Theory’s challenge, they say yes. He then accepts Theory’s challenge. Cena then introduces Cody Rhodes, nice Segway.

Segment 12 –

Cena hugs Rhodes and the crowd singing along is just too much fun. Backstage, Sami Zayn mentions that his match with Jimmy Uso is about survival, and its not his night. Out comes Chad Gable (where did Cody Rhodes go haha). Corbin got a jobber entrance hahaha, poor fella. Corbin dominating early on with Maximum Male Models watching on. Chad Gable with an amazing suplex. Corbin with a back breaker but Gable wins with an ankle lock.

Segment 13 – Promo

Out comes Becky Lynch and Lita (the Womens Tag Champs). Out comes Trish Stratus, this just seems to be a promo where they are just happy for each other, its alright. Out come Damage Ctrl, can the knob whistling at the women stop. Welp we are getting Lynch, Lita and Stratus vs Damage Ctrl at Mania, should be good. Dakota and Sky not too happy.

Segment 14 – The Main Event

Out come both Sami Zayn and Jimmy Uso and the two are going tooth and nail just to survive each other. Sami already acting desperate to put away Jimmy Uso. Sami struggling on the outside but Solo is kicked from ringside. Blue Thunder Bomb to Jimmy Uso for a near fall and we go to break. Back from break and both men on the top rope and a superkick for Sami Zayn and here is Jey Uso. Jimmy is happy to see his brother. Sami wins with a lovely counter to a Samoan Drop. Jimmy looks distraught. Jimmy and Jey stare each other down and Jey walks away from Jimmy, and stands with Sami Zayn by hugging him and the crowd goes nuts. Jey then superkicks Sami and the crowd goes wild.

Rhodes comes out for a save.

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