Aussies Open Rampage – Review 25/2/23

Welcome to this week’s AEW Rampage review, another great show as they continue with their intention of improving the quality of Rampage. The matches (besides a Lance Archer squash match) were terrific, and our very own Aussie Open followed up their appearance on Dynamite with a brilliant opening match against the Young Bucks.

(Match 1) Young Bucks v Aussie Open

Nick Davis and Matt Jackson got things started as the program aired with both teams in the ring. On a side note, it’s great to see Aussie open in AEW, hopefully Tony Khan can sign them permanently at some stage as they could be huge players in the tag team division. The two Aussies started strong, with Davis and Fletcher taking out both of the Bucks. Nick Jackson jumped in after the tag and wrestled back the momentum through a series of athletic moves. Davis showed off his incredible athleticism and strength as he power-slammed both Matt and Nick simultaneously. The Aussies proceeded to work outside the ring after they caught The Bucks flying attempt. One move in particular, where they ran around to the other side of the ring, holding the Bucks in their arms until they met on the other side and crashed them into each other back first was merely brilliant. Matt
picks up the hot tag and lays down strikes on Fletcher before hitting a clothesline from the ropes. Matt quickly transitions from a cross body to the outside on Davis to an elbow drop in the ring on Fletcher for a count of two. Incredible teamwork from the Bucks leads to Nick hitting a springboard senton while his brother holds Fletcher against the ropes. All
four men were laid out on the mat after super kicks from the Bucks turned into clotheslines from Aussie Open.

The Bucks threw Fletcher onto Davis and knocked him down while holding his partner in a tombstone position.
The spot was poorly executed and not necessary at this stage of the match. The BTE trigger secured a win for the Young Bucks. As Kenny Omega entered the ring to celebrate, the House Of Black appeared outside the ring after the lights went out. A much-anticipated face-off was about to be a reality until the lights went out once again and they disappeared. A brilliant match between two of the best tag teams in the world, and despite one spot towards the end, it didn’t end up into a ‘spot fest’ that casual fans would expect. It’s always great to see Aussies performing on the world stage even though they couldn’t pick up the win, and as for the Young Bucks, they’ll now focus on their trios’ titles as they face the House of Black at Revolution.

Backstage segment

The show followed with a backstage interview with Lexy Nair and the ‘Best Friends’ Trent Beretta and Chuck Taylor. They discussed what went wrong for them in the tag team battle royal before getting brutally attacked by The Gunns, Big Bill, and Lee Moriarty.

One can only assume that the Best Friends will be the fourth team in the tag titles match at Revolution after that altercation.

(Match 2) Toni Storm v Willow Nightingale

AEW continues with the theme of Outsiders v AEW originals with this matchup. Willow once again got a major pop during her entrance, and loud Willow chants continued throughout the match. Toni Storm attacked Willow as soon as the bell rang. Willow quickly recovered and hit a series of clotheslines before finishing with a running senton. Toni uses the hip attack on Willow that leads to her falling on the outside while Saraya voices her approval. Back in the ring, Toni hits another hip attack in the corner and follows up with a DDT for a surprising two-count. Willow takes control and hits a menacing cannonball in the corner before performing a death valley driver for the near fall. Just as Willow looked to pick up the victory, Saraya intervened, which allowed Storm to claim the win. After the match, Ruby Soho, Jamie Hayter, and Britt Baker saved Willow from getting spray painted by Saraya and Toni. The match itself was decent and did what was needed for this storyline, Willow continues to perform whenever she’s on television, it’s obvious that she’ll play a role in this feud later down the track. The storyline (outsiders v originals) itself hasn’t been executed well, but I’m willing to let it play out before I give judgment.


In a brilliant pre-recorded promo from Jade Cargill, she questions if there is anyone left to face her for the TBS Championship.

She proceeds to call out all of your ‘favourite wrestlers’, claiming that are all afraid. This was a short promo but did what was intended, it seems like they are ready to place her in a feud with a higher caliber wrestler.

(Match 3) Lance Archer v Bryce Saturn

The average Rampage squash match, Lance Archer came into the match accompanied
by Jake Roberts. A quick beatdown before a huge lariat for the win. There’s not a lot to
dissect from this match, although it’s fantastic to see Lance Archer on television.


They followed on with a prerecorded promo where Dustin Rhodes and Keith Lee challenge the Mogul affiliates to a match next week in San Fransisco. They switch over to Swerve, where he openly accepts the challenge. Definitely looking forward to this one.

(Match 4) Sammy Guevara v Action Andretti

Andretti wastes no time and attempts the roll up only Sammy for the two count, following up with a series of athletic reversals before clotheslining Sammy to the outside.
Back inside the ring, Andretti reverses the sunset flip powerbomb and turns it into a falcon arrow. To the shock of Excalibur and Chris Jericho at commentary, Andretti kicked out at two after a spike on the mat. Sammy followed up with a 630 senton. However, Andretti quickly rolled away. Both men traded strikes while remaining linked up. Sammy breaks the trend with a knee strike, thrust kick, and a super kick until Andretti counters it for another near fall. As Andretti went to finish off the match with a moonsault, Garcia takes him out while the ref is blindsided. Guevara hits a GTH for the win after the assist from Garcia. Chris Jericho came into the ring to celebrate post-match. A Good main event overall, both men held their own and Action Andretti continues to impress despite the defeat. One can only hope that the end of this feud is near.

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