Rove McManus Joins WrestleBrainia Trivia Team In Melbourne

As comedy festivals are making the rounds once again, WrestleBrainia have announced the third man in their upcoming wrestling trivia show lineup in Melbourne.

Stand-up comedian and television personality Rove McManus is the individual in question, someone who many may not associate with wrestling but in fact has some history in the industry. McManus was an on screen personality in the short lived WWA in the early 2000’s. Somewhat of a predecessor to Jeff Jarrett’s TNA Wrestling.

WrestleBrainia have entertained all corners of the country since 2018 with their unique brand of trivia. They will be returning to Melbourne for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival on April 2nd at The Catfish in Fitzroy. McManus will be alongside teammates Brose Avard of Chatflix and WrestleRock commentator Chris Fresh, as they go up against wrestler JXT, Brent Welch from On The Turnbuckle and Lord Mark Williamson. Tickets are on sale now.

April 16  Tag Team Day

April 23   The big finale

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