Reigns & Zayn Impress In Great Chamber Main Event

Like him or not Roman Reigns has certainly started to shine during the whole Bloodline angle, which has also elevated Sami Zayn into a popular figure for the WWE. In what was once a certain win for Roman, the WWE were put into a tricky situation with how to finish such a match. As expected Roman Reigns walked away as still the Unified Universal Champion.

However the match was a great show of storytelling that saw both men shine, putting on a great match that was an edge of your seat rollercoaster of emotion match. Which also included the Usos and Kevin Owens which has set up a showdown for Wrestlemania between the two teams. But the WWE has Jey Uso still conflicted on which side he sits on, which has added a few more questions as to how the WWE will go with the Usos, if they will themselves split, or come back together stronger.

So while the fans in Montreal didn’t get the desired result they were red hot for, those at the event and people at home were given quite the show to close the Elimination Chamber PLE. Sami Zayn also showed he can step up to the Main Event, and could be someone that the WWE looks to in the future to hold the belts.

Roman Reigns has certainly impressed as well in his work, he brought his A game, and has evolved into quite the heel for the WWE. Putting him with Heyman has definitely worked out well for Roman who has in the past been unsure of what his character was, and how to really convey his message now he’s a confident heel that isn’t screaming into the microphone to try and be menacing.

While Roman Reigns is still not particularly liked within the fans as they scream nepotism, Reigns has certainly worked on himself while with Paul Heyman and become the monster heel that the WWE needs. While Sami Zayn has stepped up his game since being a part of the Bloodline to show he’s talented enough to be in the Main Event Scene.

But what happens from here? Is it a long term feud with the Usos and Zayn/Owens? Or will we see Zayn insert himself into the main event of Wrestlemania and bring another shot at the Tribal Chief with the Usos and Owens? Some fans have wanted to see a Triple Threat at Wrestlemania and some thought maybe the WWE may go that way. But it was overshadow the current plans to have Rhodes in the main event of Wrestlemania, who may just dethrone the champion.

Long term it would be good to see the possibility of a triple threat between all three men, possibly for the Unified Universal Title. However it would be good for the WWE to eventyally unlink the title belts and have seprate champions again on both Smackdown and Raw.

Whatever the WWE has planned for Zayn, Reigns, Owens, The Usos and Rhodes the WWE has certainly brought some great storytelling to the Bloodline storyline, a lot of fans aren’t still happy with the full product of the WWE. But the WWE has really gotten it right with this storyline and booking.

Hopefully the WWE does take advantage of the sudden popularity of Sami Zayn as well, even if it’s not a title run a few main event matches could be good. The WWE has needed to create some new main eventers and fresh faces in the title picture. Zayn in some good programs chasing the gold could be good for the WWE going forward.

As for Reigns, it could almost be time for a new champion and see him battle to get the belt back, or enter into a different direction. For now the WWE would want to keep him around the title scene as long as possible before they find someone else to take over as the next mega heel.

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